Tuesday, 27 April 2010

(장소) 에가요 : go to a (place)

In addition to indicating the time and location, '' is used with '가다' (ka-da) or '오다' (o-da) to indicate where someone is going to or coming from.
Example :
A : 지금어디에가요? (ci-gem odi-e ka-yo?)
    Where are you going now?
B : 도서관에가요. (do-so-gwan-e ka-yo)
    I'm going to the library.
- 앤디씨가집에가요.(Endi-ssi-ka jib-e ka-yo.)
   Andi is going to home.
- 앤디씨가학교에가요.( Endi-ssi-ka hakkyo-e ka-yo.)
   Andi is going to school.
- 미나씨가한식긱당에가요.(Mina-ssi-ka han-sig sig-dang-e ka-yo.)
   Mina is going to Korean food restaurant.
- 서라씨가커피숍에가요. (Sora-ssi-ka kopi-syop-e ka-yo.)
   Sora is going to coffee shop