Saturday, 8 May 2010

Field Trip To RIST

It was about one week ago, we had trip to RIST in Pohang. RIST stands for Research Institute of Industrial Science & Technology, the big practical research institute in Korea founded in 1987. As I know, it was entirely owned by POSCO Corp., the world leading steel company. This trip was in framework as a assigment for Energy Material course work. So, we should make report thereafter. Oh, it was a part that unpleasant, i hate making the report. Suppose that the trip is only walking around, so it would be more and more pleasure. Hehe... But, I have finished my field trip report on this Thursday and submitted it.Yippie....

Our Energy Material lecturer, Professor Han, have announced about this trip one month before. He told that we would visit Fuel Cell Center and PAL (Pohang Accelerator Laboratory). But, on that day we went to trip, visiting PAL was cancelled and changed with ACN (Applied Carbon Nano Technology). Because he told us to compare PAL and ALS (The Advanced Light Source) in Barkeley, USA, also give us website address, from site I knew that PAL was a light source plant. 

We left School of Material Science and Engineering and went to Pohang at around 12.15 p.m by campuss bus provided. Beside graduate students who joined this course work, there were also undergradute students taking part on field trip. We had lunch on the bus with famous Korean cuisine, kimbap. We were forbidden to eat pork, so graduate student who be responsible for lunch gave us (moslem Indonesia student) kimbap with no pork. It took about one hour thirthy minute to get there.  Finally, at around 1.30 p.m we arrived there. RIST area was very large with Before we could enter the plant, we should wait first near security post, so we used the time for praying. Previously, we would pray on grass, but the security officer was be kind enough to give his room inside for praying. In Korea, we usually pray at everywhere that appropiate, because no mosque here and it's no problem. Other people wouldn't take care with what we do. We could pray at restaurant as we did when visiting Jinhae, at subway terminal, shopping centre etc.

The first place for visiting was Fuel Cell Center. We were noticed by Professor Han before we couldn't take the picture inside from that place, both in Fuel Cell Center or Applied Carbon Nano Technology. From Fuel Cell Center, we got a lot of information about fuel cell and could saw directly fuel cell fabrication and materials used. Previously, we only got theory about fuel cell, but now, we knew it in practically. Fuel Cell Center officer brough us to look for the plant they have and explained everything about it. From display which layed their product and material used, fuel cell processing plant from ball miling plant until testing plant. They also cooperated with another research institute around the world. Fuel Cell center is making the effort to achieve a world level technology in localizing, commercializing and distribution of fuel cell. They focused their research on large capacity of fuel cell, that is MCFC (Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell) and SOFC (Solid Oxide Fuel Cell). Now, they have completed technology development and commercialization on MCFC, and currently they were conducting research development for SOFC, which are expected as next generation fuel cell technology.

After we have completed looking for all of Fuel Cell Center plant, we should move on to next destination, Applied Carbon Nano Technology (ACN). From FCC, we got a nice metal key hanger with RIST lettering on backside. ACN Corp., a Korean company which are specialized in the manufacture and sale of a wide range of carbon nanotubes and their applied products, such as metal/polymer/ceramic carbon nanotubes composite and carbon nanopaste. ACN was also located on RIST area. It's a small factory, but used high technology and high omset I think. They produced both Single Wall and Multiple Wall Carbon Nanotubes. I heard from its CEO explanation, the price for 1 gram of Single Wall Carbon was 1200 USD. What a fantastic price. I couldn't imagine how much dollar they could get if they produced 1 ton of SWCNT. But, it wasn't easy anymore to produce it. It had low speed production, so its price could be like that. We only got explanation in the office and were showed their products, not allowed to walk around to observe their factory because it was big secret I think. The officer and CEO were very kindly. They Unfortunately, at beginning, they explained in Korean, so I and another Indonesian couldn't understand. But, we could ask everything with English afterends. We didn't waste this chance, we asked everything related to CNT and they answered with pleasured.

We took the picture together before going home

After 1 hour approximately we have been in ACN Corp., it was time for going back to Gyeongsan. Before going home, we took the picture together with ACN officers and CEO in front of the plant. When on the bus, almost of students were slept. Might be they're very tired after had a trip in two places. We arrived at Gyeongsan around 6 p.m. We had dinner together in Seafood restaurant near the campuss. Fish soup served was very delicious... Cham massissoyo...!!!

The End