Sunday, 20 June 2010

Big Girl Don't Cry!!

I hate if I find myself crying with the tears drop out burning my eyes, flooding my cheek and then my eyes become swollen afterwards. I hate find myself become a maudlin girl, become a someone who easily give up to the tears. It's no other than because I'm a girl. Yes, I'm not as strong as you, boy. And I hate of this fact. 

I just can't understand all of the man ways and their mistakes. We give them all of our heart, but they rip it all away heartlessly. Just wondering, where is your heart kept, boy?
You told us how much you love us. And also how our love was meant to be. We believed in you, boy. Once more, because we are a girl. And maybe this is the most stupid thing we have ever done, this makes us a foolish one.

You break our heart. We shout and curse you out. We say that we hate you. But, I think, I doesn't work anymore. We couldn't really hate you even we hope it so. You can easily hook up with the other one like changing your clothes. But, unfortunately, we can't be like that. Because we're a girl, not same with you, boy.
You say you're willing to help us, but in fact you don't care at all. It's no problem, boy. Because we're a girl. Even you have hurt us we'll pray at the night that you're always alright.

Now, I'm the only one who is in pain. Will you please take it all away, boy?