Saturday, 12 June 2010

The Rest For The Heart (Sandaran Hati-nya Letto)

This is my favourite song since I was on second year of undergraduate degree. "Sandaran Hati" or The Rest For The Heart. I love this song so much. Noey's voice is very nice and unique. Colaborating with characteritical of Letto's music,  this song become cushy to be listened (especially in my ears). Furthermore, Sandaran Hati has a deep meaning. It's not only "the lovely and specially one" but more than that, it can be meant our Almighty Lord, Allah SWT (who is the most lovely and specially). By listening this song, it seems giving me more power. It makes me realize that I'm never alone anymore because of Him. It makes me not afraid to face everything since I have the only and trully Saviour. Don't worry facing anykinds of problem and however your situation, because He will always be with us.