Wednesday, 9 June 2010

"Gocengan" Shoes From Gyeongsan Sijang

Finally, I have girly shoes since I have been in here for about 4 months. Two pairs of nice shoes. One of them is white, and another is grey. I got it from "Gyeongsan sijang" after my housemate persuaded me for going there with them last week. And you know, its price is really cheap. It's only 오천원 or "goceng" each pair. The shoes shop gave discount for some items. The best way for buying something if there were no enough money, find the shopping place which give discount! Because there was only 사만원 in my bank account for half month ahead, so I should skimp it if want to still alive. My old shoes which my friend called it with "sepatu kungfu" has been already battered. So now, I leaved it in the corner of our house. Ah, why is it always become the rule  for most of people? If we have found something new, so we will leave the old one soon. Or is there any exception?
Fortunately, in this case, I have left only my battered shoes.

I will upload my new nice cheap shoes later... :D


Anonymous said...


gak ada ide Dham.. apa yg mau ditulis.. :S


laen kali aja yak gua traktir makan kalo lu maen ke cheonan.. kkk

Idham 다미시 said...


Gue maen ke Cheonan lu udah pulang kampung kaleee.... ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ