Saturday, 7 August 2010

Seoul Trip : (2) Deoksugung Palace

 (2) Deoksugung Palace

         As I mentioned before, we joined Seoul City Tour Bus to travel around and enjoy some attraction place in Seoul for one day. We bought the ticket in its departure point, where is in front of the Donghwa Duty Free Shop in Gwanghwamun, Exit 6 of Gwanghwamun Station. It was charged KRW 10.000 for a full-day pass  (about Rp 80.000). It was relatively cheap I though, we could reach so many attraction place with  that amount of charge. They have some tour options, that are Downtown Tour, Palace Tour and Night Tour. We preferred to take Downtown Tour. They served international voice guidance system at every seat in some languange, which are  Korean, English, Japanese and Chineese. They circulate 26 stops for tourist to get off at any station and take the next bus to move on to the next stop. It's around 30 minutes interval between buses. It starts to travel at 09.00 p.m until 21.00 p.m, but the last shuttle departs at 19.00 p.m from Gwanghwamun.

 Seoul City Tour Bus

We can find more information about Seoul City Tour Bus at here :

        The tour guide said that we would be at Deoksugung Palace soon. Located at the corner of Seoul's busiest downtown intersection, Deoksugung Palace is famous for its elegant stone-wall road. It is also the only palace that sits alongside a series of western style buildings that add to the uniqueness of the surrounding scenery. And by the time we got there, it would be a ceremony held. My first time seeing such ceremony in Korean Palace, it was like that on Korean colossal serial in television. It was so awesome, like we came back to long time ago period. There were some people in ancient warrior costume complete with the attribute like weapon, headgear and pennants. There were also sounding and Korean song escorting this ceremony.

When on ceremony

We found the cutest soldier among them. Hahaha.... At first, we didn't realize him near us because he hid behind the flag he brough. And then, he exposed himself and we asked him to take picture with us.

The cutest soldier

After the ceremony finished, we allowed to enter the palace. Like palace as usual, it is an ancient building with old-fashioned ornament and the other. The buildings are of varying construction, including some of natural cryptomeria wood, painted wood, and stucco. Some buildings were built in Western style. Deoksugung Palace is also known as as Gyeongun-gung or Deoksu Palace.

 Deoksugung Palace