Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Quote for Researcher

After short meeting with my prof. today, I got some nice and useful quote from him :D
  • You have to compare with the results reported by other researchers! 
  • You have to constantly read other peoples’ papers and reports!!
  • We have to cite relevant data and results when we write our own manuscript. 
  • Keep asking yourself about the results you have obtained! Why are they important? The results which are not important are worthless! 
  • The list of experimental data is NOT good! 
  • You have to reason and argue the importance of your findings!! 
  • To do so, read other peoples’ works constantly, and scrap, cite and compare yours with theirs. 
  • Point out what are similar and what not. 
  • If you do not find new data or interpretation of old or new data, your work is useless!!!!

In the end, he wanted me to join conference in April. 
Conference = will be very busy
I like it... :D