Saturday, 30 April 2011

Once Upon Time on Saturday Afternoon

Waiting is the most boring and tiring things to do. And I believe you'll agree with me. Today is Saturday, as usual, our lab has meeting at every weekend. It's usually held at around 11 a.m. But, if our professor couldn't attend the meeting at that time, he would inform us before the day. And yesterday, Professor said that lab meeting would be held at around 2 p.m, but maybe he would come late.

So, today, I came at lab 1.30 p.m. Hong Chan oppa asked me to come earlier because he needed some helps from me. I planned for going lab at morning, but I didn't know why recently I felt very sleepy. It seemed like I wasn't able to open my eyes and to wake up at morning. I liked to sleep for very long time after recovering from sickness and from night work I've done... -__-

After waiting until nearly 6 p.m, our professor hadn't come yet. I did nothing besides browsed for some internet sites and also helped Hong Chan oppa doing his works, that were processing his experiment data and making some graphs by means of Origin software. He looked depressed because his conference in France would be on next week, but there were still some problems with experiment data. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that, from now on I call him with Hong Chan oppa, not Mr. Ma like previous... =)

At around 6 p.m, our telephone lab was ringing. Hong Chan oppa picked it up. From Hong Chan oppa's answers, from some words I know that the person who made a call over there was our professor. But I didn't know all of his speaking since I haven't known yet Korean language very well, just know some of the words. They talked on the phone for fairly long time. After they finished their talked, I asked to Hong Chan oppa :

"Oppa, eottoke? What did professor said? Is there still lab meeting today?" I hoped lab meeting was cancelled today.

"Idham, lab meeting will be held at 9.30." he said with convincely sad face.

"Oh, nooo... Really? Oppa, please don't tell a lie." I'm surprised how come lab meeting would be held on those time. We never had lab meeting at very night before.Indeed, today is Saturday night. Even I don't have boyfriend, I don't want to have lab meeting at Saturday night.

"I can't tell a lie. You know that." He said again.

"No... no... Oppaaaaa.... I know you tell a lie. Lab meeting on Saturday night? So, I need to go home first, and then come back here again at 9.30."

"Yaaaa... you can do that. Lab meeting will be held at 9.30." He was still strickly on his words.

After having such debate with him to find the truth, I decided to believe him, that lab meeting would be held at 9.30 tonight... My face looked pitiful...

Then shortly after that, he said...

"9.30 morning at next Monday!" he laughed with full of satisfaction.

"Aaaaaa.... You tell a lie to me!!" 

"No... I don't... I just tell the time, right?"

"Aniyoooo... Oppa chincha nappayo!!"

And then, I hit him repeadly.... But, he just kept laughing loudly.... He played on me succesfully... -___-

Butterfly on My Pashmina... :D

Yesterday, I found lovely accesories shop in front of my campuss when escaped from my lab for a while... :D. There were so many beautiful accesories sold in there. And I discovered this nice butterfly bandoo in the corner of store. Actually, I saw so many bandoo which more beautiful than this one, but the price was really matter, so that I chose the cheaper one... :D  *저는 학생입니다* :p
Beside this bandoo, I also bought some of hair accesories. I won't use it to decorate my hair, but for another purpose...

And taraaaa... I put it on my pashmina... Maybe, you could try this way also... It looks more attractive than the plain one... :D

I love butterfly... ^^

Note : I bought this pashmina in Korea, at online market, that is G-market, favourite Korean site beside my university website and mysoju... kkkkkk

Butterfly on my pashmina... :D

Friday, 29 April 2011

Kangen Gedebugan... :D

Pas ngantor pernah ikutan aikido... Jadi penggembira doang sih, brubung cuma bentar abis itu resign trus cabut deh kesini... :D

Kalo dibandingin sama taekwondo, kebetulan pernah ikut juga karena dititahkan oleh sang ibunda (sama juga tapi jadi penggembira, brubung abis itu hijrah ke Depok), aikido itu relatif lebih 'ringan', tidak terlalu menguras tenaga. Tapi gerakannya lebih rumit sepertinya... -__-

Menurut saya, dari apa yang sensei ajarkan, aikido lebih mengarah ke penyelarasan gerakan dengan pikiran. Belajar aikido bukan bicara tentang teknik mengalahkan lawan, namun lebih pada harmonisasi terhadap segala sesuatu. Kunci pokok belajar aikido adalah penyelaraskan hati, pikiran dan gerakan.

Berharap bisa berlatih martial arts lagi suatu hari nanti... Amien... :D

Sekarang fokus sama research dan belajar dulu aja lah... Oh ya, sama masak-masak juga... kkkkkk

Latihan terakhir sebelum berangkat ke Korea, foto bareng with our lovely sensei (tengah)

Para wanita, yang duduk itu adalah oma kami. 
Biarpun sudah sepuh, tapi semangat ber-aikido nya masih tinggi

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Beautiful & Sexy... :D

Read article in Kompas Female and found this nice song... Cantik & Seksi by Oppie Andaresta.... :D

Posted here intended for myself -_-

I think it's nothing wrong to give support for myself since I have no confidence regarding with my physical appearance. =)

As from senior high school, my mom always mocks me like this : my eyes are as big as owl's, my eyebrows look like caterpillars, my skin is very dark, my body is as thin as washboard and so on. It seems there're no good things on me. Actually, she does mocking me not for bad purpose, none of mothers in this world has vicious intentions to her child. Precisely it's for preparing me to deal with other people's words which insult or hurt me. I know also that what she said is just for kidding. However, world outside is harsh and cruel in fact. So that, by treating me on those way, it was expected I would be insensitive with all kinds of mockery aimed at me. And now, that's me become, so don't worry for making some jokes me, I'm not a kind of person who is easily getting offended... Indeed, when I still worked at my previous office, since I was the only girl and the youngest in my division and its surrounding, I became an object of my officemate teasing, no day without got 'nice words' for them... -__-

But, the problem is that I turn out being lack of confidence afterward. Unfortunately, it's keeping until now... -__-

The stereotypes of beautiful and sexy women in almost of girls head are still they who have smooth flawless face, attractive slim body, white or bright skin, sharp nose and so on. These stereotypes are still preserved, including on my mind. Unconsciously, this would burden the girls themselves.

From now on, I'm eager to change mindset even it's not so easily to be done. Let's don't be trapped into the narrow imaging of beauty, which is just limited to outward show. Because the true of beauty isn't visible from outer appearance. Words, behavior, and positive personality make women look much more beautiful. =)
Like the piece of lyric as follows...

:: Ah, ngemeng apa sih gue ini ::

Lirik Lagu Oppie Andaresta Cantik & Seksi Lyrics

tak perlu cantik untuk berhasil
yang penting jujur dan bekerja keras
tak perlu seksi untuk berprestasi
yang penting hati dan percaya diri

tak perlu takut bara matahari
yang penting bisa menikmati yang alam berikan
tak perlu takut tidak dicintai
selama kau punya banyak cinta untuk dibagi

selama kita sehat dan bahagia
bersyukur dengan apa yang kita punya
belajar hidup berani punya mimpi
cantik dan seksi terlahir alami

ooh kecantikanmu terpancar
dari hatimu, dari jiwamu
ooh kecantikanmu terpancar
dari ucapanmu, dari perbuatanmu

you can be as sexy as you wanna be
you can be as beautiful as you wanna feel inside
you girl yes you’re so beautiful beautiful beautiful uuh

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

My Mom's Graduation

Today was my mom's graduation day. So happy hearing that news. She already accomplished her Master study in one of well-known university at Central Java.

Congratulation, mom. You're so great! =)

I think it wasn't easy to undertake her study with all of the role and bustle she must hold and carry out. But, she evinced that she can do it well. So proude of her! =)

Remember when I entered university in engineering field, she gave me technical drawing set of hers, and said, "I give mine to you and please continue my dream which can not be achieved, became an engineer." She quitted her study in Civil Engineering for some reasons. Sad when hearing the story... :(

And I already hold Bachelor Degree of Engineering, anyway... Fullfilled one of her dream...  =)

By hearing her graduation news, it made me think like this :

"I don't want to lose with her, since I'm still young and younger than her, of course =). So that, I should finish my Master study as soon as possible and then hunt out the chance for doctoral or Ph.D degree. Although I could not take Ph.D soon after graduated from Master degree, I think I need to realize it one day in another time and another chance. Wish dream come true and everything gonna be okay. Amien. InsyaAllah..."

But, I think, she won't allow me taking doctor degree without marrying first since she always asks me about prospective son-in-law... =)
Unfortunately, as yet, I couldn't give a satisfactory answer to her for now...

My mother, even she is not the one who gave birth of me, is still the most inspiring person (woman) in my life...

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Quote of The Day

“It hurts to love someone and not be loved in return, but what is the most painful is to love someone and never find the courage to let the person know how you feel.”

Ini quote udah basi banget... -_-

Monday, 25 April 2011

Cooking Time : Pancake Ala Rodembil :D

Ceritanya saya pengen banget bikin Hwajeon yang ada di Maangchi, sweet flower pancake. Itu lhoh, pancake yang pake edible flower (bunga yang bisa dimakan). Jadi bunganya ditaruh di atas pancake, bukan cuma sebagai hiasan tapi untuk dimakan juga. Tapi gak tahu nyari edible flowernya dimana...

Mbak Yuli : "Eh neng, nyari edible flower buat apaan?"
Saya : "Buat bikin pancake, Mbak..."
Mbak Yuli : "Gak bisa pake bunga sembarang ya? Khan banyak tuh bunga-bungaan di pinggir jalan sping-spring begini."
Saya : "Eh, gak boleh sembarangan Mbak, bisa-bisa nanti keracunan...."

Eh pas sore-sore, si Mbak Yuli nya ngajakin bikin pancake, padahal sebenarnya beliau nya lagi sakit. 

"Ya udah, ayo ke Homart, Mbak. Beli tepung dan liat-liat apa yang bisa kita beli untuk hiasan..."

Dan dapetnya tepung manis yang ternyata sudah mengandung margarin. Gak ada edible flower, jeruk, wortel, dan apel pun jadi. Dibentuk-bentuk jadi bunga-bungaan. Saking kreatif-nya si Mbak, dia bikin huruf-huruf segala...Sore itu kami maen-maen di dapur, saya si Eneng dan Mbak Yuli. Berhubung sayanya lagi males banget ke lab, padahal ada kerjaan yang harus dikerjain... Jadi hari Minggu ini full masak-masak di dapur...  =)

Beginilah salah satu bentuk hiburan kami setelah seminggu capek-capek di lab, cooking time on week end...

Si Mbak-nya ngajakin bikin kue lagi minggu depan... Mao... maoo... maooo... Ah, sayangnya alat-alat masak kita gak lengkap : gak punya oven, gak punya mixer... -_-

~Thank to Eka & Mbak Yuli~

Resep Pancake Ala Rodembil
(Modified by Idham, dan Rodembil itu adalah nama bangunan rumah kami ^^)

Bahan :
1/2 kg tepung terigu yang manis (kalau gak ada ya pake tepung dicampur gula ^^)
Sedikit garam
Hiasan (sesuai selera, bisa buah, sayur, edible flower, yang penting yang bisa dimakan :p)
Sirup untuk siraman : air + gula dengan perbandingan 1 : 1, rebus hingga mendidih

Cara Membuat :
- Campur tepung dengan sedikit garam, tuang dengan air sedikit demi sedikit, aduk-aduk
- Uleni adonan hingga kalis dan bisa dibentuk
- Bentuk adonan seperti bola-bola, kemudian pipihkan
- Beri hiasan di atasnya
- Goreng adonan hingga kecoklatan
- Siram dengan sirup gula

Bikinnya gampang banget khan? =)

Selamat mencoba ^^

Yaayyy, Dapet Titipan Buku ^^

Si Eneng : "Cuy, ada titipan buku buat kamu tuh!"

Saya ngarepinnya buku Habibie-Ainun nya nyampe...

Saya : "Hah, serius? Dari siapa?"
Si Eneng : "Iya. Dari senior lab saya. Tadi dia datang ke tempat saya. Nyariin kamu di lab, katanya kamunya gak ada."

Hari ini saya memang gak datang ke lab...

Saya : "Senior lab kamu yang mana ya?"
Si Eneng : " Itu lhoh, anak Korea yang tinggi besar."

Berusaha mengingat-ngingat...

Saya : "Oh, yang itu. Iya.. iya... aku inget... Waktu itu dia pernah datang ke lab aku malem-malem, terus ngajakin ngobrol. Nanya-nanya gimana kuliah dan research aku, bisa ngikutin enggak. Dan dia waktu itu juga bilang, kalo ada yang aku gak ngerti bisa nanya ke dia, siap membantu...
Si Eneng : "Iya, katanya ada buku di rumahnya yang udah gak kepake, suruh ngasihin ke 'Indonesian girl in 4th floor'. Saya mikir sebentar siapa ya, saya bilang 'Idham'? Iya, dia bilang..."
Saya : "Oh, gitu. Aku bahkan gak inget juga namanya siapa... Udah lama banget kek nya terakhir ketemu dia. Waktu itu dia lagi ada project di lab sebelah aku."
Si Eneng : "Ada 3 buku. Dia tahu kamu lagi ngambil mata kuliah itu atau research kamu tentang itu. Sekarang dia ngambil S3, dibidang lain jadinya buku itu udah gak kepake."
Saya : "Buku tentang apaan? Buku tentang keramik atau elektronik? Waktu itu aku cerita ke dia kalo S1 aku belajar logam. Dan sekarang masuk ke lab keramik, tentang elektronik pula. Aku gak terlalu ngerti. Tapi aku gak pernah ngomongin tentang buku-buku. Wah, baik banget berarti senior kamu itu. Patut dicontoh tuh!"
Si Eneng : Eh, hati-hati lhoh...!! *sambil mringis
Saya : "Ih, apaan sih! Tiap-tiap disuruh hati-hati... Enggak sama yang ini, sama yang itu, yang dari negara ini, yang dari negara itu... Eh, katanya dipinjemin atau dikasihin?"
Si Eneng : "Dikasihin katanya."
Alhamdulillah, sebagian besar orang-orang Korea yang saya temui disini, terutama para cowok, mereka adalah orang-orang yang baik...

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Making Korean Food : Dubu Buchim Yangnyumjang (두부부침양념장)

Hari Minggu bikin tahu goreng dengan saus spicy => Panfried tofu with spicy sauce/Dubu buchim yangnyumjang (두부부침양념장). Ini kalo di Indonesia mah kayak tahu goreng di cocol sama sambel... kkkkkkk.... Nah, sambelnya disini yang beda... :D

Cara bikinnya gampang banget... Rasanya lumayan enak, bisa buat cemilan maupun lauk pauk...

Resep Dubu buchim yangnyumjang (두부부침양념장)

Bahan :
- tahu, potong kotak-kotak agak tipis
- minyak goreng untuk menggoreng
  Bahan untuk saus : 
  - kecap asin (ganjang)
  - 3 siung bawang putih, cincang
  - daun bawang, rajang-rajang kasar
  - 1 sdm bubuk cabe (gochukaru)
  - 1 sdt gula pasir
  - 1 sdm minyak wijen
  - 1 sdm wijen

Cara Membuat :
- Goreng tahu sampai kecoklatan/setengah matang, tapi jangan sampai kering
- Tiriskan dan taruh di dalam piring
- Bikin spicy saus : campur semua bahan saus dalam wadah kemudian aduk hingga merata
- Tuangkan spicy saus di atas tahu goreng 
- Siap untuk dihidangkan

Gampang banget khan? :D

Selamat mencoba... ^^

Making Korean Food : Chamchi Kimchi Chigae (참치 김치 찌개)

Si Jeng Astri pengen makan kimchi chigae... Ya udah, mumpung lagi pada dirumah week end ini, kami akhirnya bikin chamchi kimchi chigae. Berhubung di kulkas masih ada sundubu (soft tofu), dipake-pake aja. Resep aslinya sebetulnya pake tahu biasa, jadinya ya sundubunya ancur gitu... kkkk.... Kalo rasanya sih, udah OK... Pas, gak terlalu asem... Pedesnya manteb, cocok bagi seisi rumah yang sedang dilanda virus flu...  :p

Resep Chamchi Kimchi Chigae
(modified by Idham)

Bahan :
- kimchi
- 5 siung bawang putih, dicincang
- 1 buah bawang bombay, diiris-iris
- daun bawang, dipotong-potong kurang lebih 1sepanjang 1 cm
- 2 sdm gochujang (pasta cabe)
- 2 sdm gochukaru (bubuk cabe)
- 2 sdt gula pasir
- garam secukupnya
- minyak wijen
- ikan tuna/tuna kaleng
- tahu, potong kotak-kotak tipis

Cara memasak :
- Siapkan panci keramik, masukkan kimchi beserta air kuah kimchinya (kimchi juice)
- Masukkan irisan bawang bombay, bawang putih, irisan daun bawang
- Masukkan gochujang, gochukaru, gula pasir dan garam
- Tuang dengan air sampai semua bahan terendam
- Masak dengan api besar selama 10 menit,
- Kemudian kecilkan api dan masak kembali selama kira-kira 15 menit
- Masukkan potongan tahu dan tuna kaleng
- Masak lagi sebentar kurang lebih 5 menit
- Beri sedikit minyak wijen dan hidangkan

Selamat mencoba.... ^^

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Me and Pashmina :D

Since long time ago, I have been interested in pashmina shawl. When I was still in Indonesia, I liked to buy some of them. Unfortunately, I didn't know how to wear those kind of long scarf. So, it was just kept on my cupboard or became onlay by putting on my shoulder, especially when the weather was very cold. I never used it for truly covering my hair.

I love to see a Moslem girl or woman who wears pashmina on her head. I adore them and want to be able to dress in it also, of course in lovely way. Until I came to Korea, I still didn't know  how to put pashmina in right or nice way. But, as yet, my interest on pashmina is never fade away. I have some of them, and sometimes searching for video tutorial how to wear it. However, after I tried by myself, I wasn't satisfy with the result : not good and not neat anymore. So that, I didn't have confidence to bring it outside. If I wanted to clothe myself with pashmina, one of the way, I put it over top of my 'bergo'... =)

Sometimes ago, my mom sent me package including pashmina also in it. I think I used to learn how to use it well so I could wear those scarf for daily life. Because she sent me more than 3 pieces of pashmina worrying if I couldn't find hijab in Korea, I don't want it will be useless. Then, I looked for more pashmina tutorial, and found Scarflet and Hijab Community blogs. They all are awesome, their style and how they use hijab are amazing. From them, I also learn that I could make my own pashmina hijab style if I want, coz they also have theirs. Indeed, even they are stylish, their hijab style are kept syar'i, some of them.

If I succeed to wear pashmina nicely, so that I don't need to worry about where I could get new hijab in Korea, as I know we couldn't find truly hijab sold in here. Because after I do searching, I find that there are so many pashmina in online market : G-market, kkkkkk.....  I want to have the plain ones.

And I'll tell you the step how to wear it by making such of pashmina tutorial... kkkkk... InsyaAlla... If not, I'll share some of pashmina tutorial from another awesome hijab fashion blogger.... =)

Me with colorfull pashmina. Hope I already wear it in right way... kkkkk

Friday, 22 April 2011

Resep Soto Ayam (Ambengan)

Resep Soto Ayam
(Modified by Idham)

Bahan utama :
1 ekor ayam
4 lembar daun jeruk purut
2 batang serai
garam secukupnya
gula secukupnya

Bumbu halus :
8 butir bawang merah
6 butir bawang putih
5 butir kemiri
2 sdt merica
2 sdt ketumbar
2 sdt kunyit bubuk
1 sdt jahe bubuk
1 sdt lengkuas bubuk
8 ekor udang (optional)

Bahan pelengkap :
soun, siram dengan air panas, tiriskan
telor, rebus kemudian belah menjadi 2
irisan daun bawang
irisan seledri
irisan kol
bawang goreng
kecap manis
sambal cabe rawit
jeruk nipis

Cara memasak :
- Rebus ayam sampai empuk, kemudian tiriskan, goreng dan suwir-suwir. Sisihkan kaldu ayamnya.
- Tumis bumbu halus beserta daun jeruk, serai, garam dan gula secukupnya hingga harum
- Masukkan bumbu yang telah ditumis ke dalam kaldu ayam. Masak hingga matang.
- Sajikan dengan cara sebagai berikut : taruh/susun suwiran ayam, soun, irisan telur, irisan daun bawang, seledri dan kol dalam mangkuk. Siram dengan kuah kemudian taburi dengan dengan bawang goreng. Beri perasan jeruk nipis.
- Sajikan dengan kecap manis, sambal cabe rawit dan koya

*Cara  membuat koya : Campur kerupuk udang dengan bawang goreng, kemudian tumbuk/haluskan! Tambahkan garam, gula dan penyedap rasa secukupnya.

Selamat mencoba ^^


If I suddenly disappear, would you try to find me?

No, I wouldn't.

I know that.


If you disappear, I would cry ㅠ.ㅠ

It's Raining =)

In the over of midnight, he came with a rush into the room from his studying in another room, for just telling me about this :

"이드함, 비가 와요!" (Idham, bika wayo! = Idham, it's raining!)

"정말요?" (Jongmalyo? = Really?)

I  tried to see outside through the window near of me. It was really raining...

Then, he came back for continuing his activity : all-night studying in another room.

I dunno why he is so that vigorous for telling me about the rain...

Does he know that I'm keen on with raining?

나도 몰라~~~

I Love You

남자  : "I love you!"

여자  : "I don't understand what you said."-_-

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Selamat Hari Kartini ^^

Wah, hari ini ternyata tanggal 21 April, yang kalau di Indonesia adalah diperingati sebagai Hari Kartini. Teringat masa kecil dulu, hari Kartini yang identik dengan pakaian kebaya dan sanggul, gadis-gadis sekolah didandani ala ibu Kartini.

Siapa orangnya yang gak kenal Kartini. Seantero Indonesia Raya pasti tahu, terlebih para kaum hawa. Kartini dikenal sebagai pahlawan yang memperjuangkan emansipasi wanita, kebebasan mengemukakan pendapat dan kesetaraan derajat serta hak antara kaum wanita dengan pria. Kartini adalah sosok pelopor kebangkitan kaum perempuan pribumi.

Bagi saya pribadi, Kartini adalah pendobrak, yaitu pendobrak adat feodal Jawa dimana seorang gadis tidak perlu untuk mengenyam pendidikan tinggi-tinggi, terbelenggu oleh adat, dipingit sampai kemudian tiba masanya untuk dinikahkan dengan pria yang tidak dia kenal. Sang gadis harus menurut, bahkan sampai harus bersedia juga dimadu. Bahkan Kartini pun adalah istri keempat dari salah seorang Bupati Rembang, Raden Adipati Joyodiningrat. Pada jaman dahulu, poligami adalah suatu hal yang sangat lumrah, terlebih di kalangan para ningrat.

Patung Kartini dan kereta kudanya di depan Museum Kartini, Kompleks Rumah Dinas Bupati Rembang

Mungkin tanpa perjuangan beliau, nasib saya tidak akan jauh berbeda dengan para gadis-gadis Jawa jaman dahulu kala : tidak boleh bersekolah tinggi-tinggi dan dipingit kemudian dinikahkan dengan orang yang mungkin tidak saya kenal.  Barangkali saya tidak akan bisa menuntut ilmu sampai ke negeri ini. Terlebih lagi saya berasal dari Jawa, dimana sampai sekarang pun, masyarakat di sekitar saya masih banyak yang memiliki pola pikir "Untuk apa menyekolahkan anak gadis tinggi-tinggi, toh mereka kelak akan berada di dapur, melayani suami dan mengurus anak." Di mata mereka-mereka, yang masih berpikiran kolot, seorang perempuan itu hanya memiliki 3 fungsi yaitu macak, masak, manak (translate : berdandan, memasak dan melahirkan anak). 

Jika saya berkesempatan mengunjungi bekas kediaman R.A. Kartini di kompleks rumah dinas Bupati Rembang, dimana disana terdapat Museum Kartini yaitu kamar pribadi atau kamar pengabdian yang dulunya ditempati oleh Kartini untuk menulis buah pemikiran dan ide-idenya, saya biasanya berdiam diri sejenak disana untuk sedikit merasakan semangat Kartini dikala itu. Walaupun sudah berpuluh-puluh tahun yang lalu, semangat Kartini terasa masih berada di sana.

Lantas, dengan keberhasilan Kartini memperjuangkan emansipasi dan persamaan hak bagi kaum wanita, kita, para wanita bisa dengan bebas menggunakannya dan bebas mengartikannya? Saya rasa tidak demikian. Tetap, bagi saya, alangkah bijaknya jika emansipasi wanita yang telah diperjuangkan Kartini tersebut dipergunakan dengan penuh tanggung jawab. Menurut saya pribadi, sehebat-hebatnya wanita dalam dunia karier, tetap tidak boleh melupakan kodratnya sebagai seorang wanita sesungguhnya, yaitu menjadi seorang ibu yang baik bagi anak-anaknya dan seorang istri yang baik pula bagi suaminya.

Selamat Hari Kartini. Semoga para wanita Indonesia dapat menjadi sosok yang memiliki karakter kuat, sosok yang tangguh, cerdas, mandiri dengan tidak melupakan kodratnya sebagai seorang perempuan yang sesungguhnya.

Termasuk saya... =)
Amien... Ya Allah...

Being Expelled

It was already over midnight. And I was still at my lovely desk in my lovely laboratory =)
Suddenly, my labmate came and asked me to go home soon after found me still in our lab at so late time.

"Idham, palli jibe ka! Palli! (Translate : Idham, go home soon! Hurry up!)

He repeated his sentence asking me. Indeed, he tried to drive me out by talking loudly and by his gesture like repeling chicks.

"No, I am not eager to go home now!" I said.

And, he seemed not like with my answer... I know that he cares of me... -_-

Going home or not, it's almost the same, no large difference. I almost spent my time here at my lab.

I, nearly, could not distinguish between home and lab.

Another chance, by internet chatting with another friend, some time ago :

"Idham, where are you now? At your home or lab?"

And I, unconsciously replied, "Me? I'm at home now."

Whereas, at that time, I was at my lab....

"Oh, no... I'm at lab now, not at home." I rectified after considering where I was at that time...

He replied, "Ah, it's so poor! You even could not distinguish between your lab and your home! Don't be at your lab everytime!"

Might be, if it were my truly home (I mean, a place where my children are waiting for  my coming), the story would not be the same... :)

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Do You Believe?

Do you believe in "Love at The First Sight"?
I, actually, don't believe at those kind of love...

So, how about if you do not bother me again?

I already feel uncomfortable...

And I have not been mature enough to accept and deal well with something I did not expect...

Waiting for Me?

Shortly after I entered the room walking toward to my desk...

He shouted : "Idhaaaammmm, I'm waiting for you!"
I smiled : "Aaaa~~~ Really?" 
He replied : "포스터 만들기..."

It sounds little bit weird hearing someone said waiting for me...
It's usually, me, that was waiting for someone like crazy...

Anyway, I didn't know why I felt happy hearing this sentence, "I'm waiting for you!".
Even in this case, it was just, he needed me for helping him make his poster...

There's still someone waiting for me and my presence... :)

RA : Healthy Joint vs. Damaged Joint

In rheumatoid arthritis, the joint lining (synovium) fills with immune cells, blood vessels, and other cells. This material grows until it erodes through the cartilage and surrounding bone as it expands. It also loosens ligaments and tendon attachments.
I need to learn everything I can about this disease...


Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Please, Forgive Me :(

To whom I have already made hurt

I'm very sorry if you feel like that. Yes, I admit that I'm a person with over expression if there is something unpleasant for me. I'm a "hard" person (I dunno the correct term to be used and to describe). I'm stubborn, headstrong etc, like you always say. Everything is hard in my life, supporting me become those kind of people. That's not the only reason, maybe you have already known that, me, basically, have those character since I was born. It couldn't be changed how hard I try. And you will not know how hard we deal with it.

But, you know what? I'll feel more hurt if I know there is someone getting hurt because of me, indeed, it's you. And that's true, unfortunately. I think you have already known me so well (it's not song of Sm*sh anymore), what I like and don't like, what make me feel bad mood or angry, what the best time to talk to me and  what the time to be avoided to talk to me, so on, something like that.

I think you have already known that if I get my period, it will make me 10 times more sensitive than normal. That's true. And unfortunately, now is my time getting period. I prefer not to talk to anyone if I think I'm not in good mood for talking. Because I'm afraid if something not good happened during conversation. Actually, I don't really like to make conversation via Internet chatting because sometimes, it can make such of misunderstanding between two peoples. We don't know their face and gesture, we might be wrong in though.

But, I realize that we couldn't expect other people understand us overall. We are just still learning to understand each other, right?

Yes, I know that you always have good intention, especially to me. Moreover, I can say that you're my best friend here. As you said, you always maintain not to hurting me, you always care about me, you even sacrifice yourself for me, and many things you have done that I could not mention.

It's not really my mean to hurt you, blame you or in opposite with you... Not really...

But, pardon me for saying this, you and your good intention, sometime, unfortunately, it is not in right time (from my side, not yours).

Nobody is perfect, especially me. Sometimes we do mistakes to the other and in reverse.

Maybe, I'm just kind of person who can't easy to say "yes, i accept it instantly". I'm such of contender. So that if you feel and think that our conversation will be very bad and hurting you in the end, please initiate to stop it.

I just came back from hospital by the time you started talking to me. I hope you would ask about my disease, and I wanted to shared with you. But, another things happened...

I know both of us is very busy now. And it's not good to add burdens in our mind with the things like this.

Sometimes, we quarrel each other, but we are still best friend, right? Sometimes, we fight, but we could back supporting and strengthening each other, right? Sometimes, we dispute each other, but after that, we don't forget to share our laugh, happiness and sadness each other, right? Anyway, after everything went not so good, we could still laugh together, laughing for the stupid thing we do or laughing for stupid thing around us or so on.

I love you in my way. Maybe I'm kind of person who could not express my feel appropriately, including this feel. Sorry for not always hug you and so on. Sorry for not always listening you when you need someone to listen. Sorry for not making a talk with you at the morning. Hope it will be better at the next.

Once again, sorry for always making you hurt... :(

And hope you forgive me.

Good luck for your presentation! And see you at our lovely home...

With deeply apologize,


Student Card Ilang

Aaaaahhhhh.... Ada-ada saja kejadian akhir-akhir ini...

Saya hari ini kehilangan student card, yang merangkap sebagai kartu ATM. Ceritanya, saya beli sesuatu di Homart (semacam minimarket) di deket rumah saya. Sesuatu itu adalah kabel LAN sepanjang 5 meter sama apel 6 buah, udah itu doang belanjaannya. Kalau di total gak nyampe 10 ribu won sih, saya bayarnya pake kartu. Bukannya gaya-gayaan, tapi disini emang mau belanja berapa aja dimana aja dan beli apa aja, orang-orang lebih suka pake kartu : lebih praktis dan gak perlu bawa-bawa uang kembalian receh.

Pas bayar di kasir, ternyata di belakang saya ada lecturer bahasa Inggris di Yeungnam juga. Dia dari Kanada. Dia menyapa dan mengajak saya ngobrol. Sampai akhirnya saya lupa mengambil kembali kartu saya setelah tanda tangan. Inilah salah satu kebiasaan buruk saya, sering melupakan sesuatu kalo konsentrasi terpecah. Nyampe rumah, keinget kalau kartu belum saya ambil dan balik lagi ke kasir Homart. Ternyata udah gak ada, dan kasir nya bilang suruh nyari-nyari lagi. Saya balik lagi ke rumah, tas jaket segala macem saya bongkar-bongkar. Tetep gak ada... Sampai saya balik lagi ke kasir Homart, dan nanya "Chinca opsoyo?". Ajumoni penjaga kasir nya sampai bongkar-bongkarin barang-barang di meja... Dan tetep student card saya tidak ditemukan... 

Ya sudahlah, mungkin emang waktunya ilang... Tapi masih ngarepin, nanti tiba-tiba ada yang bailikin...

Seperti beberapa tahun yang lalu, saat saya masih S1, saya kehilangan dompet beserta isinya di deket kampus saya, di Kutek (Kukusan Teknik), yang warga Depok pasti tahu =). Saya waktu itu masih tinggal di asrama, jadi ke Kutek waktu itu dalam rangka makan abis pulang kuliah. Mungkin jatuh pas jalan pulang selesai makan, baru nyadar waktu udah nyampe di asrama. 

Seminggu kemudian, senior saya datang dan nyerahin tuh dompet. Padahal saya udah gak ada pikiran dompet itu bakalan balik. Saya malah sudah bikin kartu mahasiswa baru dan memblokir kartu ATM yang lainnya kayaknya. Dia nyuruh saya nge-check isinya, barangkali ada yang kurang. Dan ternyata semuanya masih utuh. Sebenarnya bukan dia yang nemuin, tapi temennya. Waahhhh... Keajaiban! Kehilangan dompet itu sebenarnya bukan masalah uang di dalamnya, tapi masalah kartu-kartu yang perlu untuk di urus setelahnya... Bakalan ribet...

Terus pernah lagi, saya kehilangan dompet hp yang isinya Nokia Xpress Music 5700 sama hp Esia edisi Kilau warna putih. Masih di deket Kutek juga jatuhnya. Ternyata ditemuin sama Mas-Mas tukang ojek disitu, dan dia mau balikin. Setelah saya telpon nomer hp saya tersebut pake hp salah seorang teman, dan si Mas-Mas nya meminta saya untuk mengambilnya di pangkalan ojek Kutek. Saya cuma bisa mengucapkan terima kasih dan memberi sedikit imbalan. Alhamdulillah, masih banyak menemui orang-orang yang jujur dan baik hati... Kalau kehilangan hp, yang paling bermasalah itu adalah kehilangan nomer-nomer yang ada di dalamnya...

Dan kehilangan student card ini, masalahnya ada dua : ribet ngurusinnya lagi dan kartu tersebut bisa dipake buat belanja dan bayar-bayar tanpa perlu tahu nomer PIN kita, tinggal tanda tangan doank...

Semoga ada keajaiban lagi kali ini jadi saya gak perlu ribet bikin student card yang baru... =) 

Kalau gak, ya udah berarti emang udah waktunya ilang dan mesti bikin yang baru lagi...

Monday, 18 April 2011

Ngomong Sama Angin

Pernahkah kamu, seketika pikiran menjadi kosong, hampa, nge-blank dan sejenisnya justru disaat terlalu banyak hal berada di kepala kita seketika itu juga?

*Anggap saja saya ini sedang ngomong sama angin... 

Sedang terserang flu berat, sakit, menyakiti, beban, terbebani, pikiran, terpikirkan, kerja, banyak kerjaan, puyeng secara denotasi dan konotasi... dan lain sebagainya... Komplikasi...

Kenapa hidup itu gak cuman berhembus saja seperti angin?

Rheumatoid Arthritis, Officially on Me :(

Hari ini saya kembali lagi ke rumah sakit, yang harusnya Kamis minggu kemaren kesana tapi saya skip karena saking sibuknya...
Setelah 3 kali ke rumah sakit, baru kemudian dokter bisa memberi vonis : saya terkena rheumatoid arthritis

 "It's not gout (uric acid) anymore but rheumatoid arthritis..." doctor said.

Sepertinya, terdengar cukup serius. 
Waktu pertama kali datang, dokter menduga penyakit saya adalah asam urat, tapi beliau pun belum yakin. Sampai akhirnya disuruh test darah untuk memastikan dan setelah di test ternyata kandungan asam urat dalam darah saya normal.

Penyakit Rheumatoid Arthritis atau biasanya disebut dengan RA, merupakan jenis penyakir radang sendi yang bersifat auto-immune disorder. Artinya, sistem kekebalan dalam tubuh mengenali bagian tubuh kita sendiri, dalam hal ini adalah persendian, sebagai benda asing yang harus dilawan. Akhirnya terbentuk 'antibody jahat' yang menyerang persendian dan menyebabkan kerusakan pada bagian sendi yang diserang tersebut.

Karena agak susah mau nanya-nanya lebih lanjut sama dokter-nya, akhirnya saya googling-googling sendiri :

Rheumatoid Arthritis Overview

Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic (long-standing) joint disease that damages the joints of the body. The damage is caused by inflammation of the joint lining tissue. Inflammation is normally a response by the body's immune system to "assaults" such as infections, wounds, and foreign objects. In rheumatoid arthritis, the inflammation is misdirected to attack the joints. Rheumatoid arthritis is often referred to as RA.
  • The inflammation in the joints causes pain, stiffness, and swelling, as well as many other symptoms.
  • The inflammation often affects other organs and systems of the body.
  • If the inflammation is not slowed or stopped, it can permanently damage the affected joints and other tissues.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Causes

The cause of rheumatoid arthritis is not known. Many factors are involved in the abnormal activity of the immune system that characterizes rheumatoid arthritis. These factors include genetics (heredity), hormones (explaining why the disease is more common in women than men), and possibly infection by a bacterium or virus

Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms

Although rheumatoid arthritis can have many different symptoms, joints are always affected. Rheumatoid arthritis almost always affects the joints of the hands (such as the knuckle joints), wrists, elbows, knees, ankles, and/or feet. The larger joints, such as the shoulders, hips, and jaw may be affected. The vertebrae of the neck are sometimes involved in people who have had the disease for many years. Usually at least two or three different joints are involved on both sides of the body, often in a symmetrical (mirror image) pattern. The usual joint symptoms include the following:
  • Stiffness: The joint does not move as well as it once did. Its range of motion (the extent to which the appendage of the joint, such as the arm, leg, or finger, can move in different directions) may be reduced. Typically, stiffness is most noticeable in the morning and improves later in the day.
  • Inflammation: Redness, tenderness, and warmth are the hallmarks of inflammation.
  • Swelling: The area around the affected joint is swollen and puffy.
  • Nodules: These are hard bumps that appear on or near the joint. They often are found near the elbows. They are most noticeable on the part of the joint that juts out when the joint is flexed.
  • Pain: Pain in rheumatoid arthritis has several sources. Pain can come from inflammation or swelling of the joint and surrounding tissues or from working the joint too hard. The intensity of the pain varies by the individual.
These symptoms may keep you from being able to carry out your normal activities. General symptoms include the following:
  • malaise (a "blah" feeling),
  • fever,
  • fatigue,
  • loss of appetite,
  • weight loss,
  • myalgias (muscle aches), and
  • weakness or loss of energy.
The symptoms usually come on very gradually, although in some people they come on very suddenly. Sometimes, the general symptoms come before the joint symptoms, and you may think you have the flu or a similar illness.

Dan gejala-gejala di atas, semuanya ada pada saya ketika puncak-puncaknya terkena serangan, sebulan kemaren. 

Kata dokter, saya harus tetap menjalani terapi obat-obatan baik yang diberikan lewat injection di rumah sakit maupun obat resep dari dokter yang harus saya beli di apotik dan diminum tiap hari. Terapi ini entah sampai kapan, saya sendiri belum tahu.

Semoga saya diberi kekuatan sedemikian sehingga udah gak perlu nangis-nangis lagi pas radang ini menyerang. Kata ibu saya, biarpun sakit, tetep gak boleh cengeng...

Salah satu hikmah sakit : semoga bisa menggugurkan beberapa dosa-dosa saya. 
Dan semoga lekas diberi kesembuhan. Amien...

Friday, 15 April 2011

Mengejar Deadline

Aaaaaaa~~~ Gila, malam ini ngejar deadline sampai hidung gue berdarah-darah... Emang bener, tak kan lari deadline dikejar... Dan gara-gara deadline, gue men-skip jadwal check up ke rumah sakit... >.<

Alhamdulillah dua kerjaan deadline udah selesai... Paper udah disubmit... Abstract pun juga udah di submit,  walaupun dibikin dengan super kilat... Berarti bulan Juni nanti bisa pergi conference di Kangwon-do... Setidaknya tinggal satu deadline dalam waktu dekat ini...
Aaaaaaa~~~ Tidaaaakkkk... Masih ada satu lagi, minggu depan adalah deadline nyerahin proposal thesis... Belum mulai nulis satu huruf pun... -_-

So many deadlines, make me wanna to die...

Ini kapan gue-nya bisa tidur dengan nyenyak lagi ya -_-

Habis ini semua pokoknya mau jalan-jalan! Gak tau kemana, pokoknya jalan-jalan kalau kaki gue udah sembuh...

Quote of The Day

No pain, no gain.

But why, with all of the pains I suffer now, my weight is not gaining anymore. 
Moreover, I lose so much of it. -_-

정말 싫어~~~

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Gak Suka

Saya gak tahu kenapa saya masih tetep aja gak suka kalau ada orang yang bisanya cuma nge-blame atau nyalah-nyalahin atau nge-judge, dalam konteks kita gak berbuat salah sama dia atau sama orang lain. Saya juga gak tahu kenapa saya masih tetep gak bisa nerima kalau disalah-salahin sedangkan saya dalam kondisi susah atau kepayahan atau dalam kondisi yang kurang baik, masih dalam konteks kita gak berbuat salah sama dia atau sama orang lain... Belum tentu judgement dia bener juga.  Lebih gak suka lagi...

Kalau emang niatnya baik, ada baiknya kalau disampein dengan cara yang baik pula... Oh iya, ada baiknya pula gak cuma bisa nyalah-nyalahin doang tapi juga bisa ngasi solusi... Gak gampang kali ya?

Kalau saya, mending diam kalau gak tau kondisi sebenarnya gimana... Aaahhhh!!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Cooking Time : Resep Opor Ayam

Ceritanya bikin opor ayam, tapi gak tahu ini tampilannya udah mirip opor ayam betulan apa gak =)
Kalau rasa sih katanya udah mirip =)
Yang di gambar berikut pake ayam boneless, plus santen 85% creamer =) ~JanganTanyaKenapa

Resep Opor Ayam
(modified by Idham)

Bahan :
- 1 ekor ayam, potong-potong jadi 10-12 bagian
- 6-8 butir telur, rebus sampai matang dan kupas
- 2 batang serai
- 3-4 lembar daun salam
- 3 cm lengkuas, memarkan
- 4-5 lembar daun jeruk purut
- 1 liter santan kental
- minyak untuk menumis
- bawang goreng untuk taburan

Bumbu halus :
- 10 butir bawang merah
- 8 butir bawang putih
- 6 butir kemiri
- 1 sdt merica bubuk
- 1 sdt jintan
- 1 sdt ketumbar
- 1 sdt jahe bubuk
- garam secukupnya
- gula secukupnya

Cara Memasak :
- Tumis bumbu halus beserta serai, daun salam, lengkuas dan daun jeruk purut sampai harum
- Masukkan ayam, aduk-aduk hingga merata
- Masukkan santan dan masak setengah matang
- Masukkan telor rebus yang telah dikupas
- Masak kembali hingga matang
- Sajikan dengan ditaburi bawang goreng

Selamat mencoba... =)
Mohon maaf kalau digambar, gak ada bawang goreng-nya :D

Yubuchobap (유부초밥) Versi Bener

Karena salah step pas nyoba pertama kali (di postingan ini), jadi nyoba lagi edisi benernya... Dan hasil nya pun begini :

Yubuchobap edisi bener =)
(Eh, gak bener juga sih sebenernya coz nasinya terlalu pera, 
tapi soal penampilan dianggap udah bener aja lah wekekekek)

~Inget ya Dham, sayuran kering nya cukup ditabur di atasnya doank! Gak dicampur dan diaduk-aduk kayak waktu itu! Elo pikir kim buat bibimbap apa! =)

Baru Dibuka


Dapet dari kaskus... Baru dibuka sekarang... kkkk
Love you full, kaskus... =) Biarpun sekarang udah jarang ngaskus lagi... :(

Kyungpook dan Sakuranya

Ceritanya lagi ikut conference di Kyungpook University, Daegu, kampusnya Mutia =) Pas kesana, ternyata sakuranya udah mekar lebat. Bagus banget. Padahal sakura di Yeungnam belum mekar sampe segitu-nya...
Pas foto-foto, eh diomelin sama Dong Jin dan Mr. Ma... Kata mereka, "Di kampus kita juga ada sakura! Lebih banyak malahan. Apalagi yang di Love Road!" -_-

Cooking Time : Resep Gulai Kambing

Resep Gulai Kambing
(modified by Idham)

Bahan :
- 1 kg daging kambing, rebus biar empuk, potong-potong
- 2 batang serai
- 3 lembar daun salam
- 3 cm kayu manis
- 3-4 buah cengkih
- 1 liter santan kental
- minyak goreng untuk menumis
- bawang goreng untuk taburan

Bumbu halus :
- 6-8 buah cabe merah
- 10-12 butir bawang merah
- 8-10 butir bawang putih
- 6-8 butir kemiri
- 1 sdt lengkuas bubuk
- 2 sdt kunyit
- 2 sdt ketumbar
- 2 sdt jintan
- 1 sdt pala bubuk
- garam secukupnya
- gula secukupnya

Cara Memasak :
- Tumis bumbu halus beserta daun serai, daun salam, kayu manis dan cengkih hingga harum
- Masukkan daging yang telah dipotong-potong, aduk-aduk hingga bumbu merata
- Tuang santan dan masak hingga santan mengental
- Sajikan dengan ditabur bawang goreng

Selamat mencoba... =)

Ref. AA Initial :D

Monggo, Silahkan Kasih Komen!

Dari dulu banyak yang komplen, katanya gak bisa ngasih komen di blog saya ini...
Makin lama makin banyak aja yang bilang gitu. Baru kepikiran, pasti ada yang gak beres nih...

Dan sekarang, yang gak beres itu udah diberesin... hehehe... *maklum, yang punya blog babo...

Bagi yang ingin komen, monggo silahkan lhoh! Gratis kok, gak bayar :p
Udah diubah settingan comment-nya untuk 'anyone' dan dengan form placement yang katanya lebih asyik... hehehe... *halah*

So, feel free to leave your comment in my blog!

*haha... siapa juga yang mau comment di blog yang serba nyampah ini, Dham!:D


Hari ini ada medical check up geratis di kampus saia : mulai dari test urine, test darah, pengukuran tekanan darah, tinggi & berat badan sama X-ray... Karena amanah dari Profesor suruh med-check, jadi dibelain dateng pagi-pagi...

Kabar baik, tinggi badan saya naik 0.5 cm dari tahun lalu =). Jadi, tinggi badan saya sekarang genap 160 cm. Saya juga gak ngerti ini kenapa bisa nambah di usia saya yang sudah tua begini, khan usia pertumbuhan cewek itu cuma sampai 20 tahun... Alat yang dipakai beda barangkali, atau mungkin saya sedikit mendongak atau memanjangkan leher... Eh, enggak juga sih, pas di Indo diukur juga 160 cm... Ah, bodoh amat! Yang penting genap 160 cm, ada bukti otentiknya... Yaayyy... :D  *gak penting banget*

Kabar buruknya, berat badan saya turun drastis. Yang terakhir mencapai angka 50 kilo, sekarang cuma jadi 46 kilo! Ini pasti gara-gara penyakit "kaki-bengkak" monyong! huhuhuhu... Beratku sudah tidak ideal lagi -_-

Alhamdulillah, tekanan darah hasilnya normal... Baru itu doang yang bisa langsung kebaca... Selebihnya nunggu laporan seminggu kemudian... Mudah-mudahan gak ada yang aneh-aneh deh...

Baru tahu kalau pas X-Ray, gak boleh pakai baju yang ada kancing-nya juga... Kalau gak boleh pakai yang ada metal-metalnya emang udah tahu dari dulu...

Abis medical check up, terus check up lagi ke rumah sakit, melanjutkan treatment kaki yang bengkak. Dengan sedikit ngrayu-ngrayu Mr. Ma, akhirnya dia mau nemenin ke rumah sakit sama si Edit. Untung kali ini kaki saya gak disuntik lagi pakai jarum neraka yang buat liquid treatment, dokter cuma meriksa bengkaknya doang... Tapi yang namanya ke rumah sakit, sepertinya kurang afdol kalo gak ada acara suntik menyuntik. Dan tetep saya dapet suntikan obat... Plus suntikan jarum buat test darah... *hah, test darah lagi -_-

Jadi hari ini, dalam kurun waktu kurang dari 2 jam, saya dapet 3 kali suntikan ditambah 2 kali diambil darah di tempat yang sama... -_-  *langsung laper lagi :D

Dan lagi, ketika saya tanya penyakit saya apa, si dokter bilang belum tahu... Disuruh nunggu hasil test darah dan disuruh balik lagi hari Kamis ini... *doh*