Thursday, 28 April 2011

Beautiful & Sexy... :D

Read article in Kompas Female and found this nice song... Cantik & Seksi by Oppie Andaresta.... :D

Posted here intended for myself -_-

I think it's nothing wrong to give support for myself since I have no confidence regarding with my physical appearance. =)

As from senior high school, my mom always mocks me like this : my eyes are as big as owl's, my eyebrows look like caterpillars, my skin is very dark, my body is as thin as washboard and so on. It seems there're no good things on me. Actually, she does mocking me not for bad purpose, none of mothers in this world has vicious intentions to her child. Precisely it's for preparing me to deal with other people's words which insult or hurt me. I know also that what she said is just for kidding. However, world outside is harsh and cruel in fact. So that, by treating me on those way, it was expected I would be insensitive with all kinds of mockery aimed at me. And now, that's me become, so don't worry for making some jokes me, I'm not a kind of person who is easily getting offended... Indeed, when I still worked at my previous office, since I was the only girl and the youngest in my division and its surrounding, I became an object of my officemate teasing, no day without got 'nice words' for them... -__-

But, the problem is that I turn out being lack of confidence afterward. Unfortunately, it's keeping until now... -__-

The stereotypes of beautiful and sexy women in almost of girls head are still they who have smooth flawless face, attractive slim body, white or bright skin, sharp nose and so on. These stereotypes are still preserved, including on my mind. Unconsciously, this would burden the girls themselves.

From now on, I'm eager to change mindset even it's not so easily to be done. Let's don't be trapped into the narrow imaging of beauty, which is just limited to outward show. Because the true of beauty isn't visible from outer appearance. Words, behavior, and positive personality make women look much more beautiful. =)
Like the piece of lyric as follows...

:: Ah, ngemeng apa sih gue ini ::

Lirik Lagu Oppie Andaresta Cantik & Seksi Lyrics

tak perlu cantik untuk berhasil
yang penting jujur dan bekerja keras
tak perlu seksi untuk berprestasi
yang penting hati dan percaya diri

tak perlu takut bara matahari
yang penting bisa menikmati yang alam berikan
tak perlu takut tidak dicintai
selama kau punya banyak cinta untuk dibagi

selama kita sehat dan bahagia
bersyukur dengan apa yang kita punya
belajar hidup berani punya mimpi
cantik dan seksi terlahir alami

ooh kecantikanmu terpancar
dari hatimu, dari jiwamu
ooh kecantikanmu terpancar
dari ucapanmu, dari perbuatanmu

you can be as sexy as you wanna be
you can be as beautiful as you wanna feel inside
you girl yes you’re so beautiful beautiful beautiful uuh