Thursday, 21 April 2011

Being Expelled

It was already over midnight. And I was still at my lovely desk in my lovely laboratory =)
Suddenly, my labmate came and asked me to go home soon after found me still in our lab at so late time.

"Idham, palli jibe ka! Palli! (Translate : Idham, go home soon! Hurry up!)

He repeated his sentence asking me. Indeed, he tried to drive me out by talking loudly and by his gesture like repeling chicks.

"No, I am not eager to go home now!" I said.

And, he seemed not like with my answer... I know that he cares of me... -_-

Going home or not, it's almost the same, no large difference. I almost spent my time here at my lab.

I, nearly, could not distinguish between home and lab.

Another chance, by internet chatting with another friend, some time ago :

"Idham, where are you now? At your home or lab?"

And I, unconsciously replied, "Me? I'm at home now."

Whereas, at that time, I was at my lab....

"Oh, no... I'm at lab now, not at home." I rectified after considering where I was at that time...

He replied, "Ah, it's so poor! You even could not distinguish between your lab and your home! Don't be at your lab everytime!"

Might be, if it were my truly home (I mean, a place where my children are waiting for  my coming), the story would not be the same... :)


pasa said...

siapa "he" itu ??

hahaha...*pengen tau aja..:p

Idham 다미시 said...

He = my labmate... Namanya, ada dech... hihihihi...