Saturday, 30 April 2011

Butterfly on My Pashmina... :D

Yesterday, I found lovely accesories shop in front of my campuss when escaped from my lab for a while... :D. There were so many beautiful accesories sold in there. And I discovered this nice butterfly bandoo in the corner of store. Actually, I saw so many bandoo which more beautiful than this one, but the price was really matter, so that I chose the cheaper one... :D  *저는 학생입니다* :p
Beside this bandoo, I also bought some of hair accesories. I won't use it to decorate my hair, but for another purpose...

And taraaaa... I put it on my pashmina... Maybe, you could try this way also... It looks more attractive than the plain one... :D

I love butterfly... ^^

Note : I bought this pashmina in Korea, at online market, that is G-market, favourite Korean site beside my university website and mysoju... kkkkkk

Butterfly on my pashmina... :D