Wednesday, 27 April 2011

My Mom's Graduation

Today was my mom's graduation day. So happy hearing that news. She already accomplished her Master study in one of well-known university at Central Java.

Congratulation, mom. You're so great! =)

I think it wasn't easy to undertake her study with all of the role and bustle she must hold and carry out. But, she evinced that she can do it well. So proude of her! =)

Remember when I entered university in engineering field, she gave me technical drawing set of hers, and said, "I give mine to you and please continue my dream which can not be achieved, became an engineer." She quitted her study in Civil Engineering for some reasons. Sad when hearing the story... :(

And I already hold Bachelor Degree of Engineering, anyway... Fullfilled one of her dream...  =)

By hearing her graduation news, it made me think like this :

"I don't want to lose with her, since I'm still young and younger than her, of course =). So that, I should finish my Master study as soon as possible and then hunt out the chance for doctoral or Ph.D degree. Although I could not take Ph.D soon after graduated from Master degree, I think I need to realize it one day in another time and another chance. Wish dream come true and everything gonna be okay. Amien. InsyaAllah..."

But, I think, she won't allow me taking doctor degree without marrying first since she always asks me about prospective son-in-law... =)
Unfortunately, as yet, I couldn't give a satisfactory answer to her for now...

My mother, even she is not the one who gave birth of me, is still the most inspiring person (woman) in my life...