Saturday, 30 April 2011

Once Upon Time on Saturday Afternoon

Waiting is the most boring and tiring things to do. And I believe you'll agree with me. Today is Saturday, as usual, our lab has meeting at every weekend. It's usually held at around 11 a.m. But, if our professor couldn't attend the meeting at that time, he would inform us before the day. And yesterday, Professor said that lab meeting would be held at around 2 p.m, but maybe he would come late.

So, today, I came at lab 1.30 p.m. Hong Chan oppa asked me to come earlier because he needed some helps from me. I planned for going lab at morning, but I didn't know why recently I felt very sleepy. It seemed like I wasn't able to open my eyes and to wake up at morning. I liked to sleep for very long time after recovering from sickness and from night work I've done... -__-

After waiting until nearly 6 p.m, our professor hadn't come yet. I did nothing besides browsed for some internet sites and also helped Hong Chan oppa doing his works, that were processing his experiment data and making some graphs by means of Origin software. He looked depressed because his conference in France would be on next week, but there were still some problems with experiment data. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that, from now on I call him with Hong Chan oppa, not Mr. Ma like previous... =)

At around 6 p.m, our telephone lab was ringing. Hong Chan oppa picked it up. From Hong Chan oppa's answers, from some words I know that the person who made a call over there was our professor. But I didn't know all of his speaking since I haven't known yet Korean language very well, just know some of the words. They talked on the phone for fairly long time. After they finished their talked, I asked to Hong Chan oppa :

"Oppa, eottoke? What did professor said? Is there still lab meeting today?" I hoped lab meeting was cancelled today.

"Idham, lab meeting will be held at 9.30." he said with convincely sad face.

"Oh, nooo... Really? Oppa, please don't tell a lie." I'm surprised how come lab meeting would be held on those time. We never had lab meeting at very night before.Indeed, today is Saturday night. Even I don't have boyfriend, I don't want to have lab meeting at Saturday night.

"I can't tell a lie. You know that." He said again.

"No... no... Oppaaaaa.... I know you tell a lie. Lab meeting on Saturday night? So, I need to go home first, and then come back here again at 9.30."

"Yaaaa... you can do that. Lab meeting will be held at 9.30." He was still strickly on his words.

After having such debate with him to find the truth, I decided to believe him, that lab meeting would be held at 9.30 tonight... My face looked pitiful...

Then shortly after that, he said...

"9.30 morning at next Monday!" he laughed with full of satisfaction.

"Aaaaaa.... You tell a lie to me!!" 

"No... I don't... I just tell the time, right?"

"Aniyoooo... Oppa chincha nappayo!!"

And then, I hit him repeadly.... But, he just kept laughing loudly.... He played on me succesfully... -___-