Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Dizzy Wednesday

Every Wednesday night, I have Solar Cell class at 7 p.m. All of my lab members must take this class because our professor told us to do it. Indeed, this subject is very important for me since material of my topic research which is transparent indium zinc tin oxide (IZTO) is intended for solar cell application especially dye-sensitized solar cell or DSSC. Like as Hong Chan oppa has already done, we use IZTO thin films for TCO layer of DSSC fabrication. I though I already told about my Solar Cell class in my previous post, which is given in Korean Language.

Today was cloudy for a whole day, light rain was falling down, wet everywhere. I just stayed at house because of so much dizziness, I didn't have any power for going out. Then, I just came to lab shortly before my Solar Cell class started. I even forgot that we have homework should be submitted today. You know, I didn't make it. What a rare case of me -_-. But, after I arrived at my lab, Edit said that he already wrote the answers for me and left it in my desk, I just needed to re-write it again. What a kind junior! Then, following we went at class, our professor said that the homework should be submitted at next class, when two weeks later. Aahhh... Thanks God! Only four students attended class today... Some of them were absent.

Like what I said before about this class, I don't understand anymore. I just can listen and pay attention of professor explanation, but since it's given in Korean, nothing can come into my head. If any, it's only very-very small portion. I was dizzy and it made me more dizzy, then every wednesday night I get such of this dizziness...

Anyone could teach me Korean language more advance?