Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Busan Sand Festival 2011

Yesterday, I went to Busan together with my friend for visiting "Sand Festival" in Haeundae Beach. This is annual festival which be held every summer, at around early of June. I just could go there this year since last year I didn't have a chance for joining. I and my 2 other friends, Eka and Mbak Yuli, went there by train, we left at morning. Unfortunately, all seats of Mugunghwa train for nearest departure were sold out. So that, we got standing ticket which 1000 won cheaper than seat ticket. We had no choice, unless if we wanted arrived there at daylight. It took approximately one and half hour from Gyeongsan to Busan Station. Even we took hold of standing ticket, we could find an empty space or table in the cafetaria car. And lucky me, a haraboji called and asked me to seat after a guy next to him getting off the train. Kamsahamnida, haraboji XD

Our friend who live in Busan, Mbak Dini Adni, picked us up in the station. Then, we went to Haeundae Beach by subway. It's quite far away from Busan Station. It might take at around one hour going to Haeundae subway station, and need 10 minutes a walk to reach the beach (yeah, plus 10 minutes to enjoy odeng in along the street and finally, I ate odeng again after 8 months not fond of eating it). There were so many people who led to the beach and were already in there. I saw so many western people, or Indonesian calls them 'bule'.... :D  *norak ah.
Along the beach, there were sand exhibition, so many sand carving into certain shape like building, mermaid, frog prince and so on. It's so marvelous. We didn't throw this chance not to taking picture. Kimchiiiii....

I saw ssireum competition in the middle of the crowd, it looks like 'sumo' in Japan. There were also another highlights in this festival such as hot sand bathing which it is beneficial for health and beauty (that's why I saw so many western people doing this in here). Besides this kind of bathing, there were also another entertainment, competition and performances. However, out time was limited, so that we couldn't see all of it.

We decided to leave  Haeundae Beach at lunch time when the sun shine fiercely. It was so hot. Really, whereas we were already wearing head covering. We couldn't stand the heat.
We took a lunch at nearby Haeundae Beach. If I'm not wrong, it was in Busan Market. There are so many Korean restaurant which almost of them serve sea food and fish. Poor us, the waitress who served us was little bit harsh and unfriendly. Moreover, she got angry when she found mistake with our order. Actually, we already told correctly, but she wrote it down improperly. This, then, slighty reduced our appetite.

In this restaurant, we met two Indonesian people with their Korean friend. They work at shipbuilding company. And you know what, they gave us cooking pan... Hahaha... Their Korean friend got it from some kind of competition in Sand Festival. They didn't want to bring it. He, the Korean guy, looks quite cool... :)
We didn't forget for taking picture together. He proposed for doing it first... ^^

After finishing our lunch, then we went to BEXCO (Busan Exhibition & Convention Center)... There was International Food Festival and Mbak Dini brought us many tickets for free... Yaaayyy....
PS : In there, we met cute, funny and kind-hearted of Japanese guy...

We took picture in front of Haeundae Sand Festival Poster

   Me and Mermaid... Her name is Syrena... *ngaco

She looked alone...

 Behind us was castle... *maybe

 Hold her tightly...!! XD

The stairway : Eka, Mbak Dini, Me and Mbak Yuli... Guess, from where do it start from? :p

Annyeong... ^^

Another gajebo pose of us... :p

Me again... *Vomit bags is served

 Imitating the picture behind us, but it was fail

 The Beach

 It's a lunch time

We took picture with them, who gave us cooking pan for free ^^

 In front of BEXCO, for attending International Food Festival

 In the ground of Shinsaege