Friday, 17 June 2011

"Idham, Hwaiting!"

Today, I had thesis proposal presentation since this is the end of my 3rd semester. I didn't know that my schedule was changed. I knew that it was at 17.30, but the schedule was changed earlier become 14.30. I didn't check the updated schedule before. You know what? At that time I was still in my home, just finished from bathing. My friend then called to my phone. Now, the rule for thesis presentation become different with previous semester. The student who will present their thesis proposal must be accompanied by their supervisor. The professor must come to the seminar presentation. For whom that their supervised professor isn't in school and can't come, they may not have presentation today and it's delayed until next week. Since my professor haven't come yet so that I'm waiting first. My turn was skipped. While waiting for my turn, I came back to my lab for repairing some typho on my slide. And when I would go out back to seminar room, he shouted to me :

"Idham, hwaiting"!

But, what I hear was "Idham, waiting!"

Then, I asked back to him, "Waiting for what? I must come back to the seminar room soon since I haven't presented my thesis proposal yet!" confused

He answered, "Idham, hwaiting!!" replying his words.

Aaaa~~~ I see! He said "hwaiting" which mean "fighting".

"Thank you, oppa!" then I went out the room immediately.

He is the first and the only person in campuss who said this thing to inspirit me today...happy