Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Me is An Observer

Still remember when someone "read" me and he said that I'm an observer type person. I prefer to stay at the corner and watch everything from there rather than join the hustle.

For some case, I feel that's so true. Me, is kind of person who doesn't like talking too much. I'm comfy for doing everything quitely... My mother knows this well so that she doesn't need to worry much with me. She just believe in me then everything will be okay.

Maybe, many people will see me as a brisk. But, I just can talk easily to them whom I'm already close with. Or for those people I meet for the first time, I can talk to them if I feel comfortable. If not, I'll just keep silent...

Yes, I deserve that I'm an observer. Even for liking and caring of someone, I'll do that on silent...