Thursday, 2 June 2011

Try to Make Bento

Trying something new is very interesting. I don't know how it come or initiate so that suddently I want to try to make 'bento', single-portion takeout or home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine, the definition according to Wikipedia. I love Japan with its unique things, I love to read Musashi, a book written by Eiji Yoshikawa, it greatly impressed me, I'm so that excited when I went there, I adore Japanese people spirit and so on. I'm fond of Japan and things related with it. And 'bento' is one of  Japanese culture. 

I think I don't have sense of art anymore. So that, it would be challenging.

I did internet browsing to see some of bento sample. And found interesting things, like I found  bento blog of a mother of twin who always prepare bento for her twin children's lunch box even she is very busy with her works, complete with her awesome family story also. Or bento blog of a lawyer working on stressful and chaotic environment who always prepare beautiful bento, she calls it, to make a harmony in her busy work...

Bento 1st : it was made up from egg, rice, carrot, odeng, apple, orange, lettuce. I use kim or nori for making eyes and lip on face. This is the first try, so that I didn't think much more about what I want to get. I just put it without any plan.

Bento 2nd : I wanted to make a cute face, but what I got is scary face... T__T . Some people said that it looked like a baby. In this bento, I just liked the ladybugs inside it. I made it from tomato and kim, cutting it into certain shape and then sticked it onto half tomato one by one. I didn't have the heart for eating this ladybugs. It was felt alive, I just let it on my desk then trash it in next day.

Bento 3rd : I like this bento, couple of chicks... I use carrot to make their beak, kim or nori for their eyes and orange peel for their wings...