Thursday, 21 July 2011

A Conversation

DN : How's life?
Me : So far so good. How about you?
DN : Me too. Everything is alright.
Me : Sounds good
DN : I hope I could graduate this semester. But, it's hard to me.
Me : Why? What's problem?
DN : Sometimes I feel I couldn't do that.
Me : If you haven't tried yet, you won't know!
DN : For now, I have to finish my paper... and my final exam.
Me : Then, do it with your best!
DN : Wowowo... You are always being a good friend!
Me: Hahaha... Nope! I'm always being a fierce one.
DN : You = JUDES. I don't know to say it in English to represent you! Hahaha...
Me : Huh... You don't know that I change much more now!
DN : No, I don't.
Me : I like to cook. I like to make up. And so on. I'm more girly now.
DN : Kakakakakakkaka...


DN : I can't imagine how you look like now.
Me : I'm still the same. I like to be simple and still like to talk much. Gyahahaha...
DN : I see in your picture you always smile. Like you're happy everytime there, are you?
Me : Hahaha... Why should I share my sadness? Nope. Anyway, I'm enjoy living here and anywhere.

DN : Do you have a boyfriend?
Me : Boyfriend? Nope.
DN : Yes, boyfriend. You have to find as soon as possible! Hehehe...
Me : Thank you for your care! But, don't worry about me!
DN : I don't care about you! I know you can handle by yourself.
Me : It's okay if you don't care about me. Huh...!
DN : But I care of your boy friend. Hahaha...
Me : Why? Why? He will be happy beside me! Gyahahaha
DN : Kakakhkahaa.
Me : You don't need to worry about him!
DN :
It's wish all of lover.
Me : Find a right person isn't so easy.
DN : Yeah, I know that. I wish you find someone who loves you very much. Kakakakakakakak
Me : I hope so. Thank you, friend! But why are you laughing?
DN : I think that I'm so sweet.
Me : Gyahahahaha.... Being so sweet occasionally is not so bad!
DN : It kills me.
Me : But you need to being like that sometimes, to your beloved one. Gyahahah... No, I'm so serious this time
DN : Yes, rite. I'm very hungry...