Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Sometimes I wonder if find someone who speaks like this, "I will never ever forgive her/him!. How come they could say like that whereas she/he self is a human being who created with full of lacks and imperfections. For me, it sounds like those people never do mistakes anymore. Of course, as a human, we ever did some of mistakes both of intentionally or not although it's very small. We need forgiveness so that we need to do forgiving. Even if there is the one who want to do some revenge, what does it for? The bad things should not be responsed with the same thing. It's better doing that with virtue.

By forgiving others, it'll help us to heal the wound we suffer, restore good relationship with the other and life in peace. It makes us to release out the burden because living with heartburned would never be better but on the contrary. It'll give us negative energy for continuing our life, forgetting the bitter past and build up the future with good new spirit.

For moslem, it's already known that our Prophet -peace be upon him- was the most forgiving person in despite of His enemies. Indeed those enemies had already done the most bad things to Him, He still forgive and prayed to Allah to save them. And Allah SWT is the most Forgiving who has unlimited forgiveness, full of love and mercy.

So why do we still say that can't give forgiveness to someone? Even if it's hard to forgive, moreover for the biggest mistakes, by doing that you already done one virtue.