Friday, 19 August 2011

Good Bye, My Lovely Beanie!

Giving off something that we really love to other people or relinguishing our fancy things isn't always easy to do. And this is the time for saying good bye to my beloved beanie. It sounds too much but I really like that stuff much also. It is the most suitable, convenient and fitted well to me among others I've tried. Remembering how I got it, I've been dreaming of the cute beanie with bubble hanging for so long. It was on last winter. I spoke it up very often at our home, "Aku mau beli beanie!", "Aku pengen punya beanie!", "Ayo pergi nyari beanie!"

At the beginning I don't know the name of it, and then I asked to HC Oppa. He told me its name is beanie. Since my housemates hear it many times, they made it a joke when I started to shout.
"Nyari suami aja Dham!", "Apa? Nyari beanie? Gak mau nyari suami?, "Kalau aku mau nyari suami aja." they said with big grin. How to pronounce beanie is like pronouncing bini in Bahasa (Hmm... I think in Betawinese Language), you know what I mean.. *wink

Until one day on cold winter, we went to downtown and I was eager to go to look for the beanie. I entered so many stores, but the beanie I found wasn't like I want to have. From the color, design, suitability with my hijab and face and so on, in fact almost of them wasn't well-fitted on me and my heart also. I didn't ever realize before that find beanie wasn't so easy. Then, because of coincidence, I found one store which selling winter apparels include beanie. I found it, the one with cute bubble, and felt in love for the first sight. I was really happy at that time. Finally, I got it! Really love... At the same time I also bought winter shawl which the color is matched with those beanie. I really like it.

Then, when I put picture wearing beanie as profile picture on facebook, someone whose wife of my former work friend in Indonesia wanted to have like those one also. She wanted exactly the same thing; color and design. She said that it's very cute stuff, especially the bubble. Unfortunately, after I found online shop selling the same stuff like mine, the problem was the color that she wants to have was already sold out. I couldn't find in another online shop and as I know the shop in downtown which sells winter apparels won't encash beanie and similar goods on summer like now on.

When I told her about this, she said "How about giving your mine to me? You can buy again then."
"Is it okay? Cause I already used it." I replied.
"It's okay, no problem for me." 
I found that she's really loves beanie like mine... No other thing I can do except giving to her with whole hearted.

I believe that with giving our most beloved things to other people, we would get the better one. Indeed, those people really want to have it. Even it wouldn't so easy, but by doing that it would train us in order to not afraid losing and missing things that we love. Also not to become a stingy people but magnanimous one. And now, I try to do giving more what I have to other people... Hope it could be more useful for them... and bring smile also...