Sunday, 28 August 2011


I just realized that I'm good in guessing whom someone liked.... *grin
Remembering a couple days ago when a friend was catched up by me, he was blushing and his face turned to red because of shame. This was not the first time, as I remember, it's already for the umpteenth time. He told that there's a girl whom he likes. But, after I asked him who she is, he didn't want to tell. Instead of telling her name, he challenged me to guess. He didn't want to give me clue also. He said please just told her initial nickname coz there was also another friend around and he didn't want another people know.
"Hmmm... Okay! Do you want to challenge me, heh?" just saying in my heart.
I was thinking for a while, not more than a minute
. Then, I shouted up initial of her nickname. What was happened thereafter?
He was weirdly laughing and blushing. He didn't directly tell that what I guess was right or not. But just from his face and response, I could already knew that I was right. He still wanted to challenge me for saying initial of her complete name. I shouted it up also in front of him. He was more and more blushing and still couldn't stop for laughing.
Finally, he admitted that I was right.... 

When I was still on high school and undergraduate, things like this sometimes happened. My friend came to me to make confession about someone who she/he liked. But, before they finished it and haven't told the name yet, I already could guess who he/she was. And they just said, "How do you know? Whereas I already hide it very well."
"Hey, I did it better than you, hiding what I felt." I just laughed. 
*Someday later, someone said to me that it was not good anymore hiding our feeling for so long. He asked me, "If you like someone, please tell him!"
However, I'm still  not eager for doing that thing until now. I feel more comfortable and safe keeping those feel just in my mind and my heart, liking and admiring him from far without he realize.

But, I wonder why I still couldn't realize if there's someone who like me. I won't know until he made a confession in front of me. Even he already made it, sometimes I still didn't believe and though that it was just kidding...