Thursday, 25 August 2011

Summer MT 2011

It was around 2 weeks ago I joined MT (Member Trainee) with another lab members going to Yeongdeok, a county in North Gyeongsang Province and well-known for crabs. On the way leading up Yeongdeok, we stopped in Pohang, doing 등산 (climbing) in mountain just very close to the temple, that's Naeyon-san. It's quite hot and sweaty summer where I and other Indonesian moslem students were fasting on Ramadhan. But, everything was okay, fasting shouldn't become a reasons for us for not doing quite hard activity like climbing. And we just wanted to show them that our activities wouldn't disturbed by we were doing fasting. I just didn't know by the time get off from the bus that we would do climbing. You know I still used my slipper until the destination we stopped. Almost mountains I've visited in Korea are very nice, natural, well maintained with small river flowing down very fresh and clean water. So with this mountain we just climbed up. After went down from the mountain, we were just waiting while other Korean students had their lunch at one of restaurant there.

Then, we were proceeding our travel to Yeongdeok. It's a coastal area. We stayed at a lodgings belonging to our university there, it's very near to the beach. We spent the time at the beach; swimming, fishing, sand bathing etc. My friend, the one who wearing hijab also, asked me to jump into the water. We were already in the beach, so why don't we plunge, she said then I agreed joining her. The clear and looked-fresh seawater made me couldn't refuse her offer. Since I can't do swimming, so I used float. Another guys from next lab just liked to tempt me, they pushed me into the water knowing me can't swimming. I was sink and shouted, then they gave helps. Next time they wanted to pushed me into the water again, I hit them even I knew that they're just kidding. But I'm really afraid of sinking.

We had delicious raw fishes and grilled shrimps for breaking fasting and dinner. They already know that we don't eat pork so that they served many shrimps for us. Even on vacation far away from home, we were still seeking the time to pray tarawih together. And when on sahur time, we cooked and had meals together with others Indonesia boys. What a nice experience... Hope it would be the last summer MT in Yeungnam...

We would go to climb up the Naeyon-san

Bogyeongsa temple entering gate

Love this tree

One of building at Bogyeongsa Temple

What a clear and fresh water!! Wanna jump into there :D

Loorentz, Edit and Eka posing at the stairs on the way to the destination

We stopped and took a rest here

Some of Korean friends took position for taking picture together

Me and Eka posing in front of small waterfall

We were posing in front of the temple after went down from mountain

Me posing in front of the gate

Makkeolli sold at roadside

Beach at Yeongdeok

 Posing together with other Indonesian students

Chili I found at the roadside

 This make me remember about my hometown

 Grilled shrimps for our dinner

Samgyeopsal look like