Thursday, 29 September 2011

My 금붕어! Gold Fish

Last week, I went to Gyeongsan market and saw a cute creature sold there which I really want to have, a little turtle. But, after I asked to the ajossi who sells it, the price was really a matter. It's around 18.000 won for small turtle and it's quite expensive for me. Remembering I ever had the same turtle like those was sold when I was still in Indonesia and I liked it very much. It's so cute. Unfortunately, at that time I couldn't bring it to the city where I started to work because my mother didn't let me to do. Then, when I saw a friend here post the turtle picture she just bough on facebook, I wish I could have one also.

Instead of buying the turtle, my eyes kept staring to the gold fish and decided to buy them. Its price is several times cheaper than the little turtle. It's only 2.000 for 3 fish. At the same time I bough glass containers and pellets for feeding them up with 11.500 won of total price. I took them home with happy. And now, they settle on my desk at lovely laboratory. Everyday, I feed them up and change their water. I often observe them from seat watching they move, feed, take a breath and so on. I touch them when displace them to another container for replacing the water with the fresh one. That's great and they are so cute. I even give them nickname. Do you want to know who are their name? 
Atra, Albus and Rufus are their name. Could you guess which one of them from their name? :D