Friday, 2 September 2011

Yes, I'm Single, and Everything is Okay

Remembering I ever read blog post entry in somewhere talking about "single" and I decided to make one about those thing also. Well ya, sometime I feel somehow tired-resembling with another people talk pointing me as a single, it looks like something wrong with it. Does it so? Every single seems like to have something that not suit properly. Even I know that also their intention dispatching me to find life partner soon is kind of care and love to me. Moreover, me in my age now, we could call it as a ready-to-get-married girl coz recently I found almost of my school friends already get married even have a or some baby/babies.

Umm... I think someone right coming is not always about the age, but more to the time... The right time for me hasn't come yet and I think it's not in this time also.

When I was still working in previous company, friends in office always mocked me no other just because I was a single. They said nobody wanted me as his girlfriend even I know that this part was just a kidding. Sometimes they gave me quite long speech towards how girls need someone to hold on, how girls couldn't be a single, how it's worthwhile to have a boyfriend and so on. The point was they told me to find life partner as soon as possible. Moreover, they tried to match me with a guy in office, evidently he made confession about his feeling to me. And seems like it keep going until now.... Thank you, but I feel you're not the one...

And I often get question from school friend, "Who is your boyfriend now?" or "With whom are you in relationship now?" even "When will you get married?". Then, jokingly I replied, "Nobody wants me as his girlfriend now. Oh, how sad", setting up sad face.

In many chances, people around seems like giving more attention to help me find partner for relationship. Instead of taking care of their very own personal bussiness which I never do interfere with it, sometimes they make me feel like bored. I know they maybe just take a care of me and no other intentions except the good one. I must be thankful with that, but, sometimes, things which is too much won't be good even better.

A friend of me who is fair close has told me often also as I remember, said that we can sharing many things such as our happiness, our sadness, our feeeling, what happened today with us, our dreams and so on, we have someone who will always support us, have a place to tell story with at least, by having a boyfriend. Yes, I know that it's very true. Anyhow, I ever had boyfriends, some of instead... :grin
Having no one beside us is good. If any, it's even better. I think that we couldn't depend our life to anyone except the Lord. We must stand up by ourself with or without other person keep company with.

Yes, I admit that being a single isn't always easy. It looks like something wrong with us in many people view point, whereas everything is thoroughly okay. Besides it has enjoyful part, but it couldn't be denied that sometimes resenting.

Being single is a choice. And I choose to be a totally free person, making friends with anyone I like to, doing anykinds I love to, without bounds from other. Maybe for 2 or 3 years later it'll be the same, but who knows? It's not because of other things but something that as big as finding a life partner occasions.

What I need to do right now is just keep delivering dua to Allah, hope He'll send me a right person who love me for who I am and I love him wholeheartedly when the time come. He knows very well what the best for all of us. Just totally trust with Him, then everything will be okay.


Tika said...

it reminds me with one of oppie's song.."i'm single & very happy..." that's be a single one is a life choice, while we enjoy it, why not??just be positive..being a single make you feel more freedom :)

Idham 다미시 said...

Yes, I know those song very well also...
Like you said, as far as we enjoy with it, why not? It's just about the time
Relationship doesn't guarantee us for being secure nor feeling better...

Thanks for support, Tika ^^