Sunday, 9 October 2011

Deficit on My Bank Account

Using our card for shopping and paying everything sounds convenient and time-saving, just swiping then signing, that's all we can bring home what we want to buy or our transaction is just finish. Moreover, in place like Korea where we can use card all over and every-time from paying taxi fee, in shop, store or mini-market even just small in buying, online shopping, purchasing train ticket and so on. So do I, don't want to miss this handy service, I prefer to use my card than cash for any transaction if possible. I don't like to receive refund even coins, I hate to bring it on my wallet caused it's congesting and weighty instead. If I got coins, then I'll collect it in my containers in which it's full of any coins of me which is huge enough in amount, I'll not pack with me.

Because of easement to use the card, I'm slack to check my bank account balance. Once I check it lately, I find that it's deficit. How come if you ask. Actually, the total amount is slightly a lots. But it's not mine since I have debt must be returned but I haven't done it yet, at that time I needed it for paying rent room for 1 year. I'm still keeping it until now since I think it would be useless because if I returned it then I need money I'll ask it back from her and I think I need it during my study time here. If I ask, she will give me as much as I need. The one who grant me loan no other is my mother.

Me, as research assistant in my lab who get monthly salary from graduate office, should patiently wait for payday coming. And it is once on 6-months because it's simultaneously to be paid. And now, my 3rd semester was end and it's beginning of 4th semester. Even, our salary isn't paid exactly on the beginning of new semester but 2 or 3 months later. If you blame me, as you know, I'm not kind of person who easily spending money but I'm not stingy also. I try to take into account every expense I use. In other hand I wouldn't so that count every Won for charity, for other people if needed or for myself for do what I like and want to do but still in control. I try to make it balance like what my mother always exercise me since I was young. I'm not a shopaholic which expend for everything I want even not very crucial but prefer to spend my money for else-thing more important. One thing that's should be remembered and it's quite principal, debt is still the debt and it must be returned though even it's to our parent self.

So, I must be patient waiting for until payday this semester coming! I'll be rich then but suddenly dropping broke after I return back my debt. Hahahaha....