Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Kids, How I Love You

When watching a video posted by a friend which a girl kid in China got hit by a car twice and 18 pedestrians ignored her, what I could feel was just so sad. Seeing that she was bleeding, her blood was splattered on the road, it should be so painful and maybe she was crying a lot. But people who passed by didn't do anything instead of helping her. So do with the shop owner nearby those place. This was happened in busy street and there are some of shops around. I wonder where their heart kept, where their humanity, their compassion, their love and so on. How come they become like that, being not even care with terrible thing happened directly in front of their eyes. Moreover, this is a little child, a cute and innocence creature in the world. This is the fact in the world where everything just become "mind your own business"; no care, no humanity, no love, no compassion, so heartless. The drivers knew that the kid got hit by his car, but he even didn't stop. Moreover he decided to continue and hit the kid again with the back wheel. Then, because all of people ignored her even she got badly injured, she got hit by another car for the second time. Oh, what the world! I'm so angry! If they use poverty as a reason, anyhow it can't be excused.

My tears were flowing so badly. Couldn't hold even stop it. For twice times I watched, couldn't continue nor stop the tears. Somehow, I feel deeply hurt also by watching this video, so sad. Until now, those video looks like haunted me and if I remember, it could drive me for flowing the tears. Maybe many peoples recognize me as someone harsh, like to talk loudly, like to do carelessly and so on. But if it's related with the kids, I even couldn't stand up. I love them so much, they're always adorable and fascinated in my eyes. Their innocence, cuteness and features couldn't easily to be ignored. I like to play and spend the time with them, or even just look at and smile at them everywhere if we just pass by for unknown. Remembering when one of little kid here got injured almost because of me, I felt very sad for several time; kept blaming myself, felt so guilty and sobbing for couple of week.

Oh please, if you know something happened like this, show your compassion and don't even ignore it!! It's so unforgivable...