Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Lately, I never see him in school and I wonder why. Then last two week, in coincidence, after I finished from  measuring my sample thickness, I met him in front of our school. I asked why he never comes to his lab again. And he said he took a break during this semester and will come back to school next year. I was little bit sad when hearing at that time.

It has been 1.5 years we almost meet each other everyday. Even, at the first time, he never talked to me anymore because I'm foreigner student. He was just nodding his head then went out from the room. He kept silent on me for around 6 months at the beginning when he came to my lab to meet his friend whom my labmate. Later I know that he hates to speak in English. Then, I try to communicate with him and he contrive hardly to speak with me also. As I remember, "Hi, Idham! Long time no see", that's his favorite words said to me if we were crossing each other. Even we just met on previous day, he kept to tell those thing. It sounds funny for me and entice as well. And as I remember, he asked me also to call him with "oppa". I undertook his request and he become one from very few people here who are on undergraduate degree which I call with those calling even they're older than me.

It's around a week ago he suddenly came into my lab after I never met him for couple of months. I'm little bit surprise and happy for seeing him again. As usual, me turn out noisy if met someone who I already know, I asked him from how thing was, what he doing now, why he took a break and so on. Later I know that he's studying English now. Then, at the middle of conversation he unexpectedly told something;

 "Idham, I **** you!"

I just can be speechless.... I wish I could take over it and make it returning as a joke like almost I do previously, nothing I could say but  only speechless... Hope he didn't understand what he just said...

Just ignore and don't think about it, please!


Anonymous said...

chukkahae.. :)

Idham 다미시 said...

Apanya yang chukkahae, Peb... -__-