Thursday, 6 October 2011

This is Not Autumn...

I took this picture on the way to my school. 
Some of maple trees on the shortcut, the path which I usually go through leading to school. Almost are still green instead.

I think there's something wrong! Yes, I'm sure...
Even if autumn is just starting, but it's very cold like winter. It was around two weeks ago when temperature was suddenly dropping down. As I remember, it was a very-sweaty-sunny day when on the next day, it turned to very cold and shivering day. Moreover, for past few days, temperature was below 10 degree Celcius, could be up to 5 degree Celcius. I don't believe it! It's just starting of autumn!

If compared with autumn last year, I think it's very large different and it's such kind of anomaly. Until almost the last day of autumn, I still could wear usual autumn jacket and it was still okay I didn't feel any shivering like bone-chilling. But right now, I must use winter jacket but even if, I still feel that it's very cold. The leaves on the three are almost still green instead, haven't turned out to red or yellow even fallen down. Moreover I also already use my winter boots!

 Outfit for nowadays autumn. 
I never wore apparel like this on last year autumn, but now I must wear it even I still feel it's cold.

"There's no autumn in Korea", one of my Korean fella jokingly said when I talked about it.
"How come!" I said.

My another Korean friend said, "Yes, there is no autumn here."


"Because it is Daegu."

"But you see, now almost the leaves on the tree are still green instead."

 "Uhhmm... Maybe this is the last week of autumn! In two weeks later all of it will fall down and winter will coming soon!"

Aaa~ Really? I hate it! -__-

It's very cold now. It's not autumn...