Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Blank Syndrome

The schedule of thesis defense was already come out today. The date and time when we should present our work during pursuing the degree was already fixed, that will be on Dec 14th during range time of 09.00 ~ 16.30 at seminar room in our department. We haven't known yet how the order though, but 18 students both of Master and Doctor degree candidate are listed there. Thesis defense matter always sounds scary, dreadful, breathtaking and worrying, the time which almost students take it into account and always be remembered. Once I attended the same defense a year ago which was open session; many professors come and showered with intimidating questions look like. And of course, it should be in English. It was different with defense when I was on undergraduate, there were only 3 lecturers and one of them was my supervisor. It was close session though.

Nevertheless, knowing the time is not much left, I'm still stuck in front of my computer facing with my thesis worksheet. But what I can do is just thinking blank without any idea can come out from my head, just viewing some data and previewing the previous written. So deeply blank, couldn't write even one sentence to continue composing it. Oh, how difficult it is, to start again when it's suspended. I'm kinda desperate with this blank syndrome. 

Come on, brain! Could you, please? This is not the time to adhere your kind of saturated feeling on academic writing~   ㅠㅠ


ArIf said...

Tenang, Mbak Idham. Masih bulan depan. Kalau udah tinggal 2 minggu, biasanya progress-nya bisa langsung subbab bahkan bab. *kebiasaan ngerjain apa-apa deadline :p

Idham 다미시 said...

Eh, draft thesis dikumpul Minggu depan Rif... ㅠㅠ

ArIf said...

Minggu depan? Wah, sekarang saatnya panik! Hehehe

Semangat Mbak! Belum 'dead' sebelum 'deadline' betul-betul datang. :)