Wednesday, 30 November 2011


It was just messages I sent which weren't replied back by someone. 
Why does it make me so sad? 
Why does it so burden me? 
Why are they like that? 
Every I get ignorance, once it deeply drive me to think what my mistake, what wrong with me, what happen and so on... 
So many "what" and "why"... And why do I feel hurt? 

Aaaaa... Ini gue mau thesis defense malah mikirin yang enggak-enggak... ㅠㅠ


ArIf said...

I feel you somehow, Mbaknya..

Sukses sidangnya ya! Break a leg! (Either figuratively or literally is up to you) :)

Idham 다미시 said...

ㅠㅠ ==> emoticon nangis

Amien... Makasih ya Adik Arief!
Good luck for you too ^^