Friday, 2 December 2011

한국어 잘해요!

One day, on the airplane... Hong Chan Oppa, he repeated the information voice in English when airplane would arrive our destination. But suddenly he stopped and asked me;

"...your 뭐?"

"... your belonging, Oppa!"

"Oh, your listening in English is very good! I envy you!"

"I envy you, too, Oppa! Your Korean is very good!" ㅠㅠ

"Idham 뭐야~ 나는 한국 사람이야~"

He sweetly smiled...


Another day, Ho Bom oppa came to my lab while I was trying to read an article in Korean character.

"Idham, your pronunciation is very strange!"

"So how do to read it correctly?"

Then, he read those article for me...

"Woohhh, 오빠 한국어 잘해요! 나는 한국어 못해요" ㅠㅠ

"Idham, 뭐야? Do you play on me? I'm Korean! 나는도 인도네시아어 못해!"

He looked angry but laughing as well.

"I'm living here for almost 2 years, but I still couldn't speak in Korean" ㅠㅠ

"너 바보야~"

"한국어 가르쳐 주세요!"

*Kerjaan gue kalo gak ada kerjaan, sama anak-anak Korea, ngerjain becandain mereka...