Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Smile Girl Bento

It has been a long time I didn't do bento. Life was very busy previously, preparing manuscript for conference and thesis for graduation as well, those two things didn't give me a time even to get enough time of sleep. Somehow, I missed doing bento, gladly arranging meals in my lunch box become composition like what I want. It's pleasure for me. And now, everything is just almost finished, seems like I have many free time.

So, today I did bento again and made this smile girl bento inspired by Susan Yuen, a writer of Hawaii's Bento Box Cook Book. I don't have her book actually, and none of another bento cookbook as well. But, I want to own it someday, I hope I could.

The content itself was just little since I didn't cook today and my refrigerator has no so much ingredients for making bento. Indeed, I couldn't find carrot, the cheapest and mostly used ones. The meals box just consisted of smile girl rice ball, steamed broccoli, fried fish cake or it's called odeng  and baby orange. Just here I found orange which is eaten with its peel, I never found it in my hometown before. And the peel itself tastes sweeter than fruit pulp. Its size is very small indeed. I still can't eat boiled odeng but fried odeng, I like it so much. It's little bit weird I think and I don't know why like that. I made the hair, eyes, nose and mouth from dried seaweed. The cheek was from chilli sauce then I put sesame seeds on the eyes corner. Since I don't have small flower mold so that I used 'heart love' shape to decorate her hair.

Maybe some of you notice that the picture is different from usual. Yes, it's little bit blur on backside and I intentionally made it in those way; selectively focusing on the smile girl rice ball. I love to learn, especially something new and in this time, I'm liking to learn about taking picture. Basically, I love doing those thing since long time ago. Finally, I have my own, the thing which I wish for to have, even if it's not the new one, but I'm so happy. Yaayyy... From now, I'll frequently update my posterous... I hope so...

And this is the smile girl bento...
Cheers up, girls!!