Thursday, 23 February 2012


PS : Nanti gue kasi kata-kata, ya

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

New Room

The first post on February, month full of love people said... Seems like recently I have no moods for updating this trash bin... fufufufu. February is still cold here, temperature is around minus -5 on average. Moreover, on last 3 days, the wind is strongly blowing. Winter and wind, those two things are very terrifying and irritating. I hate it. Really hate~

On this February, I'll have graduation ceremony at 22nd. Finally, after 2 years, the day is going to come soon and I'll officially graduate. Yaayyy... Happy to receive it but feel sad on the other hands. Happy because what I've struggled for almost 2 years, my hard works and all efforts I've done are finally paid off. Sad since I should leave behind all the things here; friends, desk, lab, school, great supervisor, etc; when I feel joyous and comfortable living in this wonderful country. Fufufu...

Although I'll graduate soon but I can still live here little longer. Actually, it's over by 22nd of this February, but I already requested for extending my visa period till June. Since my (our) rent room is going to be over its renting contract by 16th of this month, so that I needed to find the new one.

And Alhamdulillah, I found the new room which is relatively cheap price and not so far from school. It is 180K KRW for monthly payment and only 300K KRW for deposit. The deposit money will be returned back after renting contract is over. The room itself is quite large for two persons living together; I'll live with new member in my lab; my junior. Relatively complete room appliances are already there, such as bed room, a desk, cupboard, washing machine, refrigerator and shoe rack.

New room, new atmosphere, new room mate, new life, new hope... What else?

The room


A desk

Air conditioner

Refrigerator and shoe rack