Friday, 16 March 2012

Smiley Star Bento

It has been a long time since the last post I made... Sorry for abandoning you, lovely trash bin... Fufufu...

Umm.. Actually I don't want to write anything, but in order to keep you update, so here I'll post bento I've made in this week~

I created this bento for little Wafa, the daughter from one of Indonesian neighbor here. Her father is taking Doctoral program in same department with me, at the same floor also. I came to visit her new baby-born sister. So happy when see Wafa happy and smile receiving this bento box~

Can't wait to make it for my little prince or princess.... And see him or her happily smile everyday.... xoxoxo

See you in the next post~ ^^ 

*Spring will come here soon... My 3rd spring in Korea... But no one really comes so far... Not like my wish I wrote in the first spring at 'Love Road'~

Anyway, it's not really a matter for me~ Everything has their own time~ Just keep praying^^

#Eaaa... 94L@U~  :D