Sunday, 29 December 2013

Hi! Long Time No See!!

Hi Saphe,

It's loooonggg time no see you! Do you miss me? Of course, you do, right? I know that :P
I miss you too, you know...

Don't you want to know about my life? Life..... Ummm... So many things happened in ... It would be so looonggg to be written here...

Ummm... But shortly, I'm now working in KOTRA, an business agency under auspice Korean Embassy, as Market Researcher. In fact, I do research not only about market, but it could be about anything. We must know almost everything to give answer to Korean customers in Q&A section also. Look like an encyclopedia. Here I am learning many things, which is much different with I've studied before. 

But it seems like I would be no longer here... I hope so because I'm going crazy with traffic jam in Jakarta... *_*

Ouch, what happened with your background? Why does it turn to black and no longer blue? 

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Why Sometimes?

Dear Saphe,

Why sometimes I can't understand myself? Could you give the answer?

Could you?

Rembang, May 15, 2013